Best Motorcycle Roads


Not all roads support every automobile. You will find those suitable for sport and racecars; in other scenarios, you will see those perfect for motorbikes. Ideally, roads connect places, but you need to know the possibilities of moving across them. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the road that suits your automobile.

In the United States, there are roads specially designed for motorcycles; they are pliable with incredible scenery. It might be quite difficult finding these roads all by yourself; hence, this article on the best motorcycle roads was put forward. The described roads are favorite spots in the country so that you could have a long, uninterrupted ride.

What are the Best Motorbike Roads?

Riding a motorcycle is thrilling; it also gives you an excellent opportunity to explore if you are on the right road for it. Below is a description of the best motorbike roads in the country.

  • Beartooth Highway

One of the best places to ride a motorcycle is the Beartooth Highway. Formerly called “the most beautiful drive in the USA,” it has great scenery making riding fun and thrilling. Beartooth Highway (also Beartooth Pass) has Northern Rocky Mountains marked by its high elevation paved road for a smooth, long ride.

While the scenery and road are great, there is a bit of limitation; snowfall and freezing temperatures are often affected. It remains closed for bike riding at specific periods of the year; however, Summer and spring are incredible times to enjoy riding on this road.

  • The Dragon: Deal’s Gap

Deal’s Gap, also called the Tail of the Dragon, is another fascinating road for bike riding. It is known for its beautiful smoky mountains and awesome scenery of the forest and evergreen covered mountains. An interesting thing about this place is that you could make 318 curves in 11 miles; hence, it is one daring spot for bikers. However, these curves consist of steep drop-offs, sharp turns, etc., making it a bit dangerous for beginners.

The weather in Deal’s Gap is cool, so you don’t have to worry much about weather-limitations.

  • Cherohala Skyway

In Tennessee, you may not find many bike riding options; however, Cherohala Skyway is one of the best roads to ply. Apart from the ability to ride motorcycles on the road, it also supports cars. The exciting fact about this road is that it is versatile. For instance, you could create loops like the Deal’s Gap for a fun ride.

Additionally, the proximity of the road to the main city is quite good. It’s not perfect for long rides, but you can always repeat and enjoy your time.

  • The Twisted Sisters

Like the Deal’s Gap, the Twisted Sisters is another road that supports bike riding daringly. It is also not a beginner-friendly road because of the curves. The Twisted Sisters has a unique 100-mile loop that bears three state routes, namely – TX335, TX336, and TX337.

Each of these three routes tours you around the Texas hill country. Now, you don’t arrive at your destination without encountering steeps, downhills, turns, drops, etc. Therefore, it is only advisable to use this road if you are confident about your riding experience level.

  • Blue Ridge Parkway

One of the most favorite motorcycle riding spots in the United States is the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is quite the choice because it is suitable for all skill levels. The riding distance is about 500 miles from Shenandoah National Park and Great Smoky Mountains Park, so you could have as much fun as you would love.

Asides from the great distance for an exciting ride, the scenery is terrific – an Applachian theme. Some of the things you’ll find on your ride through the road include orchards, bars, campsites, hiking trails, restaurants, and a few other notable features. Undoubtedly, it would be an exciting ride.

  • Natchez Trace Parkway

Another beginner-friendly road for motorcycle riders is the Natchez Trace Parkway. It is an easy-to-ply road, about 444 miles in the distance. This road cuts through Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee, bearing the Native American tribe’s history; thus, a perfect option for multi-state riding. Indeed, the scenery is excellent if you are up for an exciting ride.

Furthermore, the Natchez Trace Parkway road’s paved sections make it the right choice if you are looking to improve your riding skills.

  • Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is a tourist attraction center because of its beautiful scenery. Apart from its looks, it is a great road that supports motorcycle riding. There are several routes with turns and curves to ensure you have a wonderful time regardless of your skill level as a rider.

  • Pig Trail Scenic Byway

For a more serene ride, the Pig Trail Scenic Byway road is a fantastic choice. It is a short distance ride (about 19 miles) – quite different from the others; however, it will be worth it. This road starts from Arkansas State Route 23 and ends at Ozark National Forest. Based on this road’s description, motorcycle riding is only likely to be enjoyed by experienced riders than beginners.

  • San Juan Mountain Skyway

A breathtaking ride is only guaranteed on San Juan Mountain Skyway road. This road has a distance of up to 223 miles, with exciting features like turns, downhills, etc., making it enjoyable for motorcycle riding. It cuts between Ouray and Silverton, and Colorado with incredible scenery of the Rocky Mountains.

  • State Route 1 & 36

State 1 and State 36 are two different roads in California deemed suitable for motorcycle riding. The former has a distance of 656 miles with beautiful scenery and heavily trafficked pavement stretches. On the other hand, the latter is intermediate-friendly because of its 256 miles distance and amazing sights. However, either of the roads requires riders to be cautious of the turns and twists.

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You don’t have to beat yourself up about the best motorcycle roads when there are many options near you. Although, you may want to consider your skill levels, distance, and most importantly, location before you start your ride. A good road always means an enjoyable ride.