About Us

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast like the other contributors to this site and me, you are in for a treat because Motor Cycleist is the perfect place for you. It does not matter if you want to begin learning about motorbikes or you are a pro and a motocross expert. You will find everything you need on the niche here at Motor Cycleist. 

Motor Cycleist was a dream by a motorcycle enthusiast (which is me) because I wanted to provide the best motorbike resource online. And I am proud of the site I built. I also have an auto mechanic, a motorcycle expert, and an automotive writer regularity contributing high-quality and helpful content to the Motor Cycleist site. 

You will find all of the information you need on motorbikes, the gear, the accessories, and the parts. There is a hands-on review section where you can find the best-quality motorbikes and essential gear, parts, and accessories, so you don’t waste any time searching for them elsewhere. The contributors share their reviews based on experience and research. 

If you are new to motocross and the dirt bike world, there is a section of the site to help you ease yourself into the niche, so you learn at your own pace. You will also learn about the tips and tricks to improve your motorbike experience once you become a pro. If you want to know about each of the contributors, click on their bios to read more about them. 

Founder, Chief Editor

Nathan West

Nathan was born in Atlanta, Georgia, a typical boy who loved cars, trucks, and motorcycles. He learned to ride a motorbike when he was an older teenager. He attended Georgia State University to take the marketing program where he received his Bachelor’s Degree. When he was in University, Nathan looked into taking Motorcross classes. However, at that time, he met his wife from Mobile, Alabama, and had many other distractions. His love for motorbikes never changed, however.

Nathan moved to Mobile, Alabama with his wife, and landed a marketing job at a digital marketing agency there. He became one of the top SEO experts and wanted to use his skills for himself too. That was Nathan’s motivation to establish Motor Cycleist as he wanted to have his powerful resource source for motorbike lovers such as himself. He recruited three other motorbike enthusiasts to contribute high-quality information. 

Aside from that, Nathan has three daughters and a cat and secretly hopes that one of his girls will enjoy motorbikes too. Nathan also enjoys going camping and traveling. 

Daniel Thornton

Daniel Thornton was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and developed a strong interest in vehicles’ anatomy during his youth. He also collected car magazines and collectible cars during his teens. Between his love for cars, motorbikes and his knack for fixing broken items, he took a vocational training program to become a mechanic. Daniel also took pride in going to automobile and motorbike conventions and shows with his friends who share the same interests.

Daniel is a likable and friendly mechanic in Oklahoma City and is a great contributor to Motor Cycleist. When Daniel is not working or writing, he enjoys playing poker and blackjack with his friends. He also goes to the racetrack from time to time. 

Pete Jennings

Pete Jennings is from Kansas City, Missouri, and since he was young, he had a strong interest in motorbikes. He always wanted toy motorcycles for Christmas and his birthday when he was a child. Pete would read up on motorcycles through his childhood and turned into an expert over time. He got his license, and on his birthday, he got his first motorcycle when he was an older teen. The ironic thing is that Pete did not choose a career that revolves around motorcycles. He did not know what he wanted to do with it and did not want to become a mechanic since he is not a tactical type. 

However, he attended the University of Missouri and earned his teaching Bachelor’s Degree. Pete is a high school mathematics teacher, and he talks about his love for motorbikes with his students. He lives in Rochester, New York, with his wife, who also loves motorbikes, and they have two sons together. The family enjoys going to motorbike conventions as well as dining out on occasion. 

Amy Hart

Amy Hart was born and raised in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, and did not have much in common with other girls. She was interested in vehicles, especially motorcycles, and had mostly male friends during her youth. Another interest that Amy had was writing and spent her time alone with creative writing. When Amy was in high school, she wanted to become a writer and go to college in Winnipeg, Manitoba taking writing courses. 

Today, Amy lives in Manitoba and is a ghostwriter and freelance writer in the automotive niche. She is a frequent contributor to Motor Cycleist and writes for other clients and publications in the automotive niche. Amy lives in her studio apartment with her cat. When she is not writing, she plays her guitar as she also has an interest in music.