Best Motorcycle Communication


Over the past few years, motorcycle communication systems became a thing. Today, many bikers can communicate with other riders or friends and family while staying focused on the road, without hassle. These communication intercom systems have been designed in unique ways so that they could deliver top-notch performance.

The first set of communication systems were limited by poor/weak reception and distance; however, advanced technology has made them more impactful and effective irrespective of the circumstances. Therefore, with the right help, you could get the best motorcycle communication without breaking a sweat.

What are Types of Motorcycle Communication?

All motorcycle intercom communication systems are distinguished into 3 groups. The groups are based on how they are handled, i.e., wireless, wired, or Bluetooth.

  • Wireless Motorcycle Communication

The easiest and most comfortable motorcycle communication is the wireless system. It works using different frequencies band and does not need any form of connection to use. It also features family radio service and radio technologies like FM, GMRS, and Bluetooth.

  • Wired Motorcycle Communication

The wired communication is another type; however, it is a little behind in technology and performance. First of all, the fact that it has a wired connection that could always be in the way is a limiting factor. It is also only useful to solo riders – not for a group of riders. The only good things about this intercom system are its affordability and ability to convert into special radio signals – GMRS and FRS.

  • Bluetooth Motorcycle Communication

A more advanced type of communication system for motorbikes is one with inbuilt Bluetooth technology. This bike intercom system is safe, easy, and convenient; however, it also has its demerits. It is only suitable within a close range depending on the Bluetooth connectivity with a device. Apart from that, it is an ideal choice to receive or make calls and listen to music.

[QUESTION](What Do You Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle Communication System?)

Choosing a motorcycle intercom communication system to use means you must be intentional about what is suitable for you on the road. Here is a list of important factors that would help you in tremendous ways.

  • GPS

Primarily, your comfort and convenience are the important things you need from a motorcycle communication. However, it would be best if you also looked at the secondary things you need. One of the things you need is a GPS navigation feature. With voice evocations navigation, you should be able to find your way without looking at your screen. It is an important feature to guarantee your safety and help you stay focused on the road.

  • Multiple Connections

One way you could tell a good communication system is the number of connections it has. If a motorcycle communication has a single connection, it isn’t a good choice; however, if there are multiple connections, it would do you a lot of good. 2 to 4 connections are great, even though you will find some up to 15.

  • Weather Resistance

If you can ride your motorcycle under any weather condition, you might as well go for accessories that would support any weather. Normally, you have no control over the weather, and getting a communication system that would always come through regardless is bliss. There are water-resistant and waterproof intercom systems; you should decipher which of them you’ll need. A weather-resistant system offers limited protection, while a waterproof system provides a maximum one.

  • Noise Cancellation

Since you will be using these intercom systems on the road, it is bound to be noisy. Sometimes, the noise could limit hearing and connection; if that happens, the communication system may never be effective for the road. Recently, motorcycle intercoms have been designed with a noise cancellation feature for excellent audibility. With the feature, you won’t have to struggle to hear the other person on the line or listen to music straining your ears.

  • Durability

The durability of an intercom system is pertinent because it determines how long you will be using it on the road. The material construction of these communication systems is a function of their durability – a good material means a durable communicator.

What are the Top 3 Best Motorcycle Communication Systems?

Check out the following motorcycle communication system options that are a good value for money.

  • Cardo DMC

Cardo DMC is a wireless communicator powered by JBL speakers. It is one of the best choices for the ride because of a seemingly natural voice operation and unique Dynamic Mesh Technology that allows you to connect freely with an intercom. Furthermore, its aerodynamic design and IP67 Waterproof construction are other things that make it fascinating. Overall, the device makes you free and comfortable on the road.

  • UCLEAR AMP Go 2 Bluetooth Communicator

Riders who are new to using communication systems will find the best offer from UCLEAR AMP Go 2 Bluetooth Communicator. This device works with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which is good enough over a reasonable distance range – up to 800 meters. It also has multi-point connectivity that allows it to connect with other Bluetooth devices effortlessly.

UCLEAR AMP Go 2 Bluetooth Communicator has impressive features, such as a dual boom-free microphone, high-definition Boost 2.0 speakers, and weatherproof control unit in its hardware. However, you may not find the music connectivity feature and two-user compatibility in this device, which are its only demerits.

  • SENA 5S Bluetooth Headset

Another impressive motorcycle communication is a helmet speaker – SENA 5S Bluetooth Headset. It is improved with top-tier technology and different features like Bluetooth 5.0, microphone, high-definition speakers, and LCD. It also has various audio settings to aid user-experience. Additionally, this headset has a great battery life of 8 hours, with a Bluetooth range of 750 meters.

Find the best motorcycle helmet speakers worth the money here.


There are many intercom systems online; hence, you can always pick other things apart from the best motorcycle communication reviewed above. When deciding on what to choose, ensure you put the factors in the buying guide alongside.