Best Pro Scooter Brands


Scooting has always been one of the most favorite things to do; many people make money daily. Getting a scooter will help you in several ways, especially when you need to cover distances under a safe condition. Indeed, it is a much safer option than a motorbike.

Scooters have their pros and cons; however, the best model should give you a thrilling experience. Interestingly, there are different scooters; in this article, you’ll be introduced to pro scooters – the best pro scooter brands on the market. The brand is a significant factor you need to consider before others like decks, bar designs, etc.

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What are the Best Brands of Pro Scooters?

From the various options that will be described below, you should find one you could patronize. Check out their best-selling products reviewed and see what’s worthy of your money.

  • Fuzion

Fuzion is one of the best manufacturers of road scooters. They provide all-around scooter options suitable for beginners, intermediates, and professionals. There are also some classic sets of scooters that are perfect for kids. Their pro scooters have solid components that often makes them outstanding, and two of their best products are – Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter and Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter.

  • Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter

This pro scooter is extraordinary as it is often regarded as the entry-level option. It comes with an intermediate complete that includes Chromoly steel handlebars and an IHC compression system. Following its construction, it has a modernized double clamp that blends with the pro scooter itself, with 110mm metal core wheels and a sculpted steel fork for convenience when riding. Combining these incredible features on the Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter makes it an ideal choice for beginners.

  • Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter

Another Fuzion Pro Scooter you wouldn’t want to miss out on is the Z250. It is much similar to the Z300 model; however, some differences set them apart. It has a smaller riding platform compared to the Z300, which may limit certain movements on the road. Also, the handlebars lack supports or gussets; this feature under the crossbar provides extra-support when riding and adds style to the scooter.

Besides these differences, Fuzion Z250 has great metal core wheels and grips that will enhance easy control on the road. Indeed, it is a suitable choice for beginners and intermediates.

  • Envy

Envy is a beast. It is one of the most popular brands that produce exceptional scooters – pro types. They are often referred to as the “King of the Hill” because their incredible products can withstand anything. Envy Series 8 Prodigy is the brand’s top-selling product on the market. Other fascinating options are Envy One Complete Pro Scooter and Envy Colt Pro Scooter.

  • Envy Series 8 Prodigy

Naturally, Envy Series 8 Prodigy has a unique color styling with improved cool treatments that makes it attractive. It is almost every rider’s dream because it beats the competition. This pro scooter has Chromoly handlebars that are comfortable and aid easy control. It has features like swirled grips, front and rear deck insets, and nylon flex brakes to minimize noise.

  • Arcade

For designs, Arcade is King – a more recent brand that produces pro scooters for both kids and adults so that everyone could have something for the road. Their incredible products are one of the best-sellers online; a perfect choice is the Arcade Plus Pro Scooter.

  • Arcade Plus Pro Scooter

The pro scooter has a color scheme every rider would find attractive. Apart from the bold patterns and colors, the neck design is another significant feature that would make it easy to use. Arcade Plus Pro Scooter is available in 3 different styles for you to choose from; it takes an interest in what most riders would love. Other features that come with this scooter include 100mm wheels, reinforced handlebar supports, a 4.5″ riding platform, PEGS (for tricks), and a unique nylon brake system.

  • Mongoose

Mongoose has always ventured into bicycles and BMX; however, they produce some of the best pro scooters on the market. Their extensive designs and styles are what make them quite the choice.

  • Mongoose Rise 110 Expert Complete Scooter

A perfectly lightweight pro scooter to have is the Mongoose Rise 110 Expert Complete Scooter. It features a clunky style design while being heavy-duty in performance. This pro scooter offers more durability than many conventional types on the market; hence, it is a great, lasting choice. For young riders trying to get the hang of scooting, the Rise 110 Expert Complete Scooter is also good for them. Finally, it comes with safety features like 110mm aluminum core wheels, Built-up Hollow Box Deck, kinked t bar, and ABEC 9 wheels.

  • Phoenix

You can always agree that anything “Phoenix” is classic and legendary. As a pro scooter brand, they are popular for a unique feature – a Reventon Deck. They are made of high-quality materials that offer as much durability as possible; indeed, it is worthy of consideration.

  • Phoenix Force Pro Scooter

This pro scooter is an admired choice for kids and teenagers. It is built strong and sturdy while maintaining a lightweight body. Phoenix Force Pro Scooter is a choice to many other pro scooter types, especially those from Envy. It comes either as a standard flex brake and nylon flex brake; whatever it is, it is safe and reliable to use.

  • Lucky

Lucky Scooters is one brand that pays attention to several things; one of those things is the bottom graphics. It always has a unique surgical art in its pro scooters that you would find intriguing. Prospect Pro Scooter, Covenant Complete Pro Scooter, and TFox Sig Pro Scooter are some of its best products.

  • Lucky Prospect Pro Scooter

Lucky Prospect Pro Scooter is a simple choice for most adults, while it comes in several beautiful colors. This scooter uses an art technology called Lucky Rebound Technology (LRT) to give a better grip while at its highest speed. Overall, it is a good value for money with solid quality construction.


The best pro scooter brands are perfectly great if you can handle what their products have to offer. With this guide, it is impossible not to have a brand’s option to go for from the list. Choose a brand whose description you find interesting, and shop for the various pro scooters they offer.