Best Motorcycle Movies


Motorcycles have been taken the spotlight for many years, like guns, cars, etc. You could read about them in books or watch them in movies. Motorcycle books are a little bit of a bore with tales and the author’s perception of them. On the contrary, Motorcycle movies are quite the documentary – fun and thrilling; it displays everything you’d love about motorcycles – speed, chaos, mayhem, turns, twists, downhills, etc.

For people who want to improve their skills or gain a new one, watching motorcycle movies is often advised than reading books about them. With visualization of what you are supposed to do, you could practice until you get perfect. How do you find the best motorcycle movies then? This article is what you need to start with; it provides you with a list of films that you might find interesting and impactful for your motorcycle riding career.

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What are the Best Motorbike Movies of all time?

Motorcycle movies are thrilling if you find the right one; however, it might be quite difficult to find them. Fortunately, the 10 best motorcycle films described below should be easy to find and downloaded online.

  1. Easy Rider

Easy Rider is a Dennis Hopper-directed movie charactered by Peter Fonda and Hopper through their journey across the American South (New Orleans). This 1969 film is arguably one of the greatest bike movies ever made. It features Fonda being a bike-designer and bourbon-swinging Jack Nicholson as another character that you would love to see ride.

The opening scene starts with Hopper and Fonda cruising down an open pavement and over bridges. It is a perfect movie choice to see the quintessential 60’s biker flick.

  1. The Great Escape

The Great Escape is also another incredible film to see about motorbikes. The 1963 movie directed by John Sturgess has one of the best filmographies with chase scenes that will leave you overwhelmed. It features Steve McQueen – the “King of Cool” who had an undying passion for motorcycles with over 100 machines in his garage. Little wonder he won the 1961 TR6 Trophy during World War II.

In the movie, Steve McQueen daringly attempted to jump over a barbed-wire fence on his victory; however, his bike was a wreck after. That made it one of the memorable scenes in movies to date.

  1. The Motorcycle Diaries

For the scenery and dramatization on a motorcycle trip, The Motorcycle Diaries makes it one of the best motorbike movies of all time. The movie directed by Walter Salles in 2004 features Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, a 23-year-old medical student, and his friend, Alberto Granado, on a road trip across South America. These two men took the trip across the country on a sputtering single cylinder 1939 Norton 500 with snow-crested peaks above.

In the movie, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna found his calling as an Argentine revolutionary.

  1. Being Evel

Being Evel is more of a documentary about American Star Icon – Evel Knievel. He is a record-breaker not only because of his jumpsuits but the stunts he pulled throughout his career. “Being Evel” is a 2015 documentary directed by Daniel Junge and narrated by Johnny Knoxville. If you look up “daredevil,” you’d likely see a picture of Evel Knievel.

  1. 12 O’clock Boys

Motorcycle culture has existed for many decades now; however, 12 O’clock Boys is a 2013-documentary directed by Lofty Nathan to show what one looks like. The film’s setting was in the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland. Instead of the usual leather and bearded culture, it displays a bunch of kids who ride motorbikes. These kids find riding as means of escaping harsh reality; hence, they formed the name ’12 o’clock Boys.”

  1. The Wild One

The Wild One is a 1953 movie that had hugely contributed to the popularity of motorcycle cultures in the USA and UK. The film directed by László Benedek features Johnny Strabler as Marlon Brando, a back-jacketed troubled youth who rebelled against everyone and everything else in the town. This legendary film was not famous for its leather and rawhide aesthetic, and 50 years later, it remains one of the best movies produced.

  1. On Any Sunday

One of the best motorcycle movies that made it to the Oscar and received the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature was “On Any Sunday.” The documentary debuted in 1971 and directed by Bruce Brown received wide popularity because it featured some notable personalities – motorcycle legends like Malcolm Smith, Steve McQueen, Mert Lawmill, and Paul Carruthers. These personalities showed an appearance for the movie to sell and contributed financially to its success.

  1. The World’s Fastest Indian

Another interesting motorcycle movie to see, based on a true-life story, is The World’s Fastest Indian. This 2015 film directed by Roger Donaldson featured the life of Burt Munro, a legendary New Zealander. Munro was a motorcyclist who broke several land speed records by riding his Indian Scout Motorcycle that was highly modified for performance. Munro, played by Anthony Hopkins in The World’s Fastest Indian, was shown to have broken records of the highest speed with below 1,000cc engines in Utah (Bonneville Salt Flats) between 1950 to 1960,

  1. Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road is a more recent film with breathtaking scenes, especially with the motorcycle rides. The 2015 movie directed by George Miller won the Academy Awards for Best Production Design and others. The movie opens with scenes with Rock Riders doing stunts and flips on motorcycles, which is something notable to watch.

  1. Hell Ride

Hell Ride is a fantastic movie you should watch about motorbikes. Apart from the hilarious scenes, the fast bikes are another exciting thing about the movie. This 2008 movie directed by Quentin Tarantino features two bike gangs – the Six-Six-Six’s and the Victors, who sparked decade-old rivalry.

More interesting motorcycle movies you could watch include: Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man (1991), Little Fauss and Big Halsy (1970), Road to Paloma (2014), Road Side Prophets, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Why We Ride, Somewhere Else Tomorrow, Akira, and many others.


Watching any of the best motorcycle movies above shouldn’t be a bore compared to reading books. While these movies take you through a thrilling journey, they also make you self-conscious of various skills you can try out when riding a bike.