Best Café Racer Bikes


Unarguably, motorbikes have been one useful automotive that has helped several people get through various situations. Today, everyone wants to have a motorcycle sitting in their garage, even if they aren’t so good at riding yet. However, people now find beginner-friendly bikes like Café Racers to improve their skills and build confidence.

Café Racer Bikes were originally modified old bikes; however, reconstructing is expensive and time-consuming. Today, modern café racers are improved with several features like modern brakes, electrical systems, and great suspension, all thanks to the manufacturers that have helped.

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The ideal café racer bike takes a retro-style with a seat hump, screen, and low clip-on handlebars. These handlebars enhance a low riding position for long-distance riding. If you are going for the best café racer bikes on the market, then you might need to be introduced to a few options available with lightweight speed.

What are the Best Café Racer Motorbikes?

You will find perfect, modern café racers that are budget- and beginner-friendly from the best bike brands. Read the description of each of these bikes and decide on what’s worthy of your money.

  • BMW R nineT Racer

BMW’S R nineT Racer launched in 2017 and ever since has become one of the best café racer bikes globally. This bike has incredible features like a 1,170cc Boxer engine and 110 bike-horsepower. It moves at a top speed of 125 mph, making it one of the fastest choices available.

  • Kawasaki Z900RS Racer

Kawasaki’s bikes are always extraordinary; little wonder, they have one of the best racers – Z900RS. This bike has a typical café retro-style that makes it great on the road. It is a revised version of the Z900 model; hence, you should only expect top-tier quality. Kawasaki Z900RS Racer uses an in-line four de-tuned 948cc engine that moves at a top speed of 140 mph with a 110 bike-horsepower. It is a bike built with significant features like a lowered LED lighting and cast wheels for good visibility and traction control. Additionally, it comes with a hump seat, lower mirrors, and lower handlebars for excellent handling and a great riding experience.

  • Moto Guzzi V7 Racer

In modern bike racing, not many bikes can provide you with as much torque as you want. However, Moto Guzzi V7 Racer is exceptional. This motorbike has a high torque with a 744cc v-twin engine that moves up to 110 mph. It also has a 48 bike-horsepower with an extraordinary performance. It has features such as an ABS, a good traction control, and 6 gears as a retro bike. Lastly, the Moto Guzzi V7 bike’s weight distribution is also something worthy of commendation.

  • Triumph Thruxton 1200R Racer

For optimum excitement, Triumph Thruxton 1200R Racer is a good choice to pick. It is not only designed with beautiful features, but the performance is also overwhelming. It works using a liquid-cooled 1200cc parallel-twin engine at a 97-100 bike-horsepower and moves at a top speed of 130 mph. Triumph Thruxton 1200R Café bike comes with a seat hump, good brakes, and low clip-on handlebars for a relaxed riding position.

  • Royal Enfield Continental GT Racer

Royal Enfield has been on the market for over 5 decades; they have offered several motorbikes people will find extraordinary within that period. The Continental GT Racer is one of their best inventions for the café racer bikes category. It is a modern racer with a single-cylinder 533cc engine that works at 29 bike-horsepower. This bike’s top speed is 110 mph, making it fast and suitable for most beginners. Royal Enfield Continental GT Racer is packed with different features, including a low-learner-friendly seat for a more relaxed position and electronics.

  • Triumph Street Cup Racer

Triumph Street Cup Racer was launched in 2017, making it one of the most modern racers on the market. It features a typical retro style with advanced features such as a mini fly screen, brushed exhaust, and pillion seat hump. This bike uses a parallel twin 600cc engine and runs at 110 mph. Following its construction, it works under 54 bike-horsepower.

  • Ducati Scrambler Café Racer

With many Scrambler models on the market, it could be impossible to pick the most suitable one for you. However, Ducati Scrambler Café Racer is an exceptional choice with lightweight speed, great handles, bar-end mirrors, and a Termignoni muffler. This racer bike uses a V-twin 803cc engine with a 72 bike-horsepower and runs at a top speed of 120 mph.

  • Suzuki SV650X Racer

Suzuki is another manufacturer you can’t sideline because of their incredible motorbikes. SV650X Racer is their best café racer yet; it is marked with its great headlight (dual LED fog lights), low bars, and stylish hump seat for convenient riding. It moves at a speed of 130 mph with a V-twin 645cc engine at 75 bike-horsepower.

What are the Buying Factors for a Café Racer Bike?

Café racers are great, but you need to be sure you need them before buying them. It would help if you also considered checking the following factors to get a good deal for the money.

Engine Capacity

Every bike has an engine capacity that determines how long effective it would be and how long it would run. Most café racers have their engine capacities between 600 to 1200cc; hence, the higher you pick, the better.


Another factor to be considered is the bike’s speed. Making sure you pick that you can handle the speed is of utmost significance.


Racers have a stylish hump seat that guarantees a more relaxed riding. If the bike doesn’t offer you this seat type, you shouldn’t bother picking it because you would be sacrificing your comfort.


Having found the best café racer bikes, you may already have a most-preferred choice. While you at it, ensure you go through the brands and see other incredible options they have available – you might find other models that complement your style.