Best Time To Buy A Motorcycle


There are times and seasons for everything. Seasons are not only subjected to weather conditions but also in transactions and deals. There is a time when you buy and a time for you to sell. If you buy at the wrong season, you could be spending more than you budgeted; selling at the wrong season could bring losses.

Motorcycle season is one you might not be expecting, yet it exists. There is the best time to buy a motorcycle and another to sell. Patience is of the essence in situations like this so that you could find good deals on bikes. However, the purpose of this article is to ensure you get the right information about when to buy, so you could cut losses and save better.

When Do You Buy Motorbikes?

As mentioned earlier, there is the perfect time to buy things; you may find it unbelievable when it comes to motorcycles. There is no guaranteed time when the prices will be lower; however, you may want to consider the following seasons for the best deals.

  • Winter Time

During Summer or Spring, you’ll find many bikers and enthusiasts interested in maintaining or buying motorbikes. Now and then, you’ll find every dealer shop selling during that period. Due to high demand, the prices are a little high. If you have a limited budget, you may not find what you want quickly.

However, during winter, a lot of things change. Usually, people find it a bit difficult to participate in activities. With the cold, income flow in some businesses reduce. At this point, most people sell their bikes to raise money. Winter is a good time to bargain and get good deals for motorcycles. You could seize this opportunity to yourself; it sure wouldn’t be as busy as other seasons of the year.

  • Tax Season

Businesses pay taxes, including motorbike dealerships. Before the Tax season in April, many dealerships offer discounted prices so they could reduce inventory. With a discount opportunity, there will likely be more interested motorcycle buyers, but it is also a perfect time you could buy yours. All you have to do is make sure you are as competitive as anyone else to seize that period to your advantage.

  • New Model Release

Usually, when a new product model drops, you’ll find dealerships offering slash sales on the old ones in the store to make room for new ones. Buying a motorcycle during a new model release would also be a better time if you are on a limited budget. However, you will have to follow the dates on new releases and ensure you are right there when dealerships are ready to put old bikes out there for sale.

  • Fiscal Year-End

Another great time to buy a motorcycle is at the end of the year. Most businesses have a sales goal for every year; therefore, to make that sales goal, they offer discounts on products if they haven’t. Motorcycle dealerships’ willingness to make deals is an opportunity to buy yours at the best deal.

Perhaps you are interested in a used motorcycle; other stores sell at budget-friendly prices so that you could visit. With these local auto stores, you may not have to wait at certain times of the year.

What are the Factors to Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle?

Buying a motorcycle is beyond getting the best deal at a particular time of year. Sometimes, you have to consider everything about the motorcycle to be sure you can handle it. Below are a few things you need to check.

  • The Dealership/Store

Several times, people have been scammed because they found the prices of motorcycles overwhelming and went for it. Wherever you are buying a motorbike, make sure it withholds a reputation that you can trust. Even if it does have a reputation, be cautious about sales, so you don’t lose money thinking it was a good deal. Therefore, making your findings is significant.

  • The Motorcycle Info

If you are new to buying motorcycles, going all the way to buy any only because you saw that the price was reasonable isn’t ideal. What you have to do, however, is intense research about the motorcycle, parts, and features. When you educate yourself about the important things, you could tell if it was a good deal or not.

  • The Features

Knowing the significant parts or features of a motorbike is another useful factor to consider. Generally, there are different types of bikes, and everyone has something perfect for them to use. Apart from the discounted price, the Weight, Height, Seat, Strength, etc., are crucial features to check to know what’s right for you. Additionally, your performance level will help determine what choice is the best.

When Should You Not Buy a Motorcycle?

While there are times to buy a motorcycle, there are also times not to buy. It is so because deals may not be favorable as you expect due to high demand. For instance, Spring and Summer seasons are not the best time to buy because you may hardly find what is within your budget.

If you are also considering getting a new model during its release, you may have to overpay. Buying during a new model release only works for an outgoing motorcycle model.

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Motorcycles are unique, and getting them new sometimes helps. It would be best to get a new motorcycle than a used one because of repairs and maintenance. Hence, it would help if you always bought those in a showroom.

Likewise, timing is another crucial thing you should know. Understanding that the market works with time or seasons is an excellent way to know when to buy or sell.

Always pay attention to dealerships – anticipate their move and be ready.

This article on the best time to buy a motorcycle is rewarding to every biker, enthusiast, and dealerships.