Best Motorcycle Brands

What are the Different Types of Motorcycles?

There are several types of motorcycles depending on the size, features, height, purpose, engine size, and speed. Below is a description of the popular types available.

Beginner Bike

The most straightforward bike there is to ride is the Beginner Bike. It often comes with a moderate engine size between 300 to 400 cc, with safety tech features – ABS and Traction Control. It is an ideal choice for new bikers since it would offer average riding speed and awesome functionality.

Retro Bike

Some of the bikes you see on the road today are Retro Bikes. They have an engine size between 600 and 900 cc, with an upright positioning for a seamless ride. It is the right choice of bike for both beginner and intermediate riders; it would improve skills due to its smart design. The retro bike has a comfortable seat that would keep you relaxed throughout the journey.

ADV Bike

Adventure Bikes, also called ADV Bike, lives up to expectations. It is an excellent choice of bike for the long, multi-state trip, regardless of whatever terrain it encounters. It has an engine size between 700 to 1200 cc, making it strong, fast, and reliable. However, it is only suitable for intermediate riders planning to transition into a pro-level.

Super Bike

A SuperBike is one of the smartest motorcycle inventions because it offers excellent speed, quite different from the others. This bike moves at 150mph with engine size up to 1000 cc. It is also sometimes built with advanced tech for effective performance when riding on the road.


Cruiser Bikes are quite chilled. They are perfect bike choices for long, straight rides. They are designed for confidence because the positioning is a bit higher than the usual (slouched). Cruisers are recognized by their high handlebars, big engines, and loud exhaust. It is only for pro levels.

Mini Bike

The Mini Bike is the most comfortable bike you can find. It is designed only for short trips; hence, the reason for the tiny design. This bike has an engine size of 125 cc. and can move around at a speed of 60mph. Ideally, it is a training bike.

Electric Bike

Electric Bikes are becoming one of the world’s most popular bikes because of their demand, performance, and advanced tech. It is an excellent bike to use, knowing it has an instant torque with no heat and no vibration. Electric bikes can move between 100 to 120 miles because of their Power; however, they continuously need to be recharged. They are also more expensive than gasoline contemporaries.

What are the Best Motorbike Brands?

Now let’s see the best brands of motorbikes on the market.

  • Yamaha

Yamaha is one of the best motorcycle brands globally; it is also one of the most expensive choices. It is a reliable option because of its excellent performance and 1500 cc engine size. It can support 2 people effortlessly.

  • Honda

Honda is another brand you can trust; it is the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. Due to its various bike models’ technological improvements, it has gained wide popularity in the two-wheeled world. It is a healthy competitor to Yamaha.

  • Triumph

Triumph is a British manufacturer with an extensive collection of different models of motorcycles for various skill levels. This brand has also dominated the overseas market ever since its conception in 1983; about 85% of its bikes are sold abroad – even more than in the UK.

  • Ducati

Ducati is an Italian manufacturer of motorcycles. It is remarkably known for its fancy design and extraordinary riding speed. Their bikes are also popular because the brand is a subsidiary of Lamborghini and Audi automobiles.

  • BMW

BMW has always been interested in automobiles, including motorcycles. This German motorcycle brand has recorded great sales over the last year because of the effort they put into their bikes – advanced tech.

  • Suzuki

For many years, Suzuki has been one of the largest Japanese bike manufacturers, with different sorts, including dirt bikes, racing bikes, and commercial bikes. The versatility in bike designs also added to the brand’s popularity. Suzuki bikes often come in Blue and White blends for easy recognition.

  • Bajaj

Bajaj is another top producer of motorcycles globally. It is a brand known for making two-wheeled and three-wheeled bikes that will guarantee safe passage across any road. Bajaj is the world’s sixth-largest bike manufacturer and the world’s largest manufacturer of three-wheeled bikes.

  • Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle is an American manufacturer of motorcycles. It is one of the oldest brands as Hendee Manufacturing Company; it rose to fame between 1901 to 1953 in Massachusetts, USA. Years later, the company’s name changed to Indian Motorcycle. With state-of-the-art technology and exotic features, it is one of the leading brands today.

Other incredible brands include Harley-Davidson, Kawaski, KTM, Aprilia, Royal Enfield, Moto Guzzi, Benelli, Hero, and a few more.


Finding the best motorcycle brands could be difficult if you don’t do thorough research. Some of these brands have existed for many years; hence, you can always rely on their reputation and the new features they incorporated into their motorbikes. Check through the catalogs of any of the brands, and choose a bike type that would fit your lifestyle.