Best Motorcycles for Short Riders 2021 Reviewed


Different things limit our abilities to complete certain tasks. One of them is height when it comes to riding bicycles or motorcycles. The conventional motorcycle favors people with an average height; on the side, tall riders may still find their way around – not short riders. However, with the recent availability of the best motorcycles for short riders, choosing what’s appropriate and most suitable is important.

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The 6 Best Motorcycles for Short Riders

Below is a description of 6 fantastic motorcycles for short riders.

Ducati Scrambler

One of America’s best motorcycles is the Ducati Scrambler. It is a stylish motorcycle designed primarily for short riders to deliver great comfort and excellent performance. This motorcycle is equipped with the necessary features to ensure a smooth, stress-free ride – for instance, a 31.1-inch seat with a low height accessory for extra depression (30.3 inches).

Ducati Scrambler’s can act as a commuter, a cruiser, or an off-road bike since it comes in varieties. This motorcycle has features such as a narrow and cushy seat, a plush suspension, and a slim tank to deliver good performance on the road. More importantly, it is lightweight with a low center of gravity for convenience.

Triumph Street Twin

Triumph Street Twin is another popular motorcycle on the market, which by surprise, is a good choice for short riders. This bike has a different impression on appearance, but the performance is quite exquisite. More so, it has great ergonomics with great seat position and suspension stability.

Triumph Street Twin, apart from being a short rider’s favorite, is a good choice for beginners. It has a narrow parallel-twin, torque-rich engine with a slender tank and a 29.5-inch saddle for safety and comfort. The motorcycle has a unique handlebar placement with a Triumph gallop for an overwhelming ride experience.

Honda Fury

Honda’s consistency in the production of road-friendly bikes is fantastic. The Honda Fury is another incredible innovation targeted towards short riders and beginners because of its 27-inch seat and stable suspension. This bike is designed to make cruising a lot better, interesting, and comfortable – it is the complete definition of style, beauty, and performance.

Honda Fury uses a V2 engine with computer-controlled jet fuel injection for efficiency and great performance. It also has a good tank with no fuel meter that can favor a rider up to 150 miles of distance. There is no doubt that it is always worth the money.

Yamaha MT-07

Yamaha is one to look out for new designs to incorporate into its bikes for excellent performance. The MT-07 is an exclusive choice, designed for daily commuting and racing; it is quite agile with precise handling for a distance. As an MT, i.e., Master of Torque, the quality, and performance of the engine/motor is pretty straightforward

MT-07, formerly FZ-07, uses a 31.7-inch seat to help short riders get the best of steady, long-distance riding. It is a motorcycle that can support both professional and amateur riders. Unfortunately, it is quite pricey, but the performance is outstanding.

Moto Guzzi V7

Another incredible motorcycle for the road is the Moto Guzzi V7. Apart from its simple style and legendary aesthetic design, it is a great choice for short-legged riders. This motorcycle has a 30.3-inch seat height, which is pretty decent and manageable. Moreover, it is a comfortable bike suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Moto Guzzi V7 is a short-range commuter since it keeps a rider in an upright posture. It also has a great suspension with reliable torque for a smooth riding experience. Other features packed into this aesthetic motorcycle include a handlebar, a saddle, and footpegs.

Honda CTX 700

A fantastic Honda motorcycle that will leave you amazed is the CTX 700. This motorcycle’s appearance clearly describes its support for short riders; however, its top-notch versatility makes it even more incredible. This bike can be used as a commuter, cruiser, and racer because of its excellent ergonomics and unique automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission.

Honda CTX 700 uses a seat height of 28.3 inches, delivering a laid-back riding posture with forward-set hand controls and footpegs. Furthermore, this motorcycle has a broad engine power band and excellent torque for good performance on the road. Overall, the motorbike is lightweight with precise handling to make a rider feel confident.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Motorcycle for Short Riders

If you seek to buy any of the best motorcycles for short riders, you should consider some factors first. The significance of these factors is to ensure you make the right choice.

Seat Height

What clearly differentiates a short rider’s motorcycle from that of a tall rider is the seat height. Motorcycles with seats between 28 to 31 inches are pretty great for short-legged riders because they can see what is ahead without limitations. It even gets better if the seat is adjustable with a low height accessory to get the precise, suitable height for riding.


One of the most consequential things when it comes to special motorcycles like this is ergonomics. A motorcycle for short riders must have excellent ergonomics to deliver the level of comfort needed for the road – whether for commuting, short- or long-distance travel, racing, cruising, etc. Many of these motorcycles come with saddles, footpegs, backrests, etc., to aid riding position.

Suspension and Engine Quality

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the engine and the stability of the suspension system. A special motorcycle for riders must have a sound engine/motor to help deliver great riding performance, with a stable suspension system for low ground clearance. The consideration of the duo will determine what kind of experience you will have from riding a short rider’s motorcycle.


If you don’t want to be at the mercy of a motorcycle not compatible with you, it would be best to go for any of the best motorcycles for short riders above. These motorcycles are high-performance with premium features to keep a rider going on any road or terrain. Check these bikes with the factors in the buying guide section, and make a good choice.