Best Pit Bikes 2021 Reviewed


Not everything appears as it seems – not even motorbikes. People often misjudge the ability of a motorbike from its appearance; professional riders know never to do this. It would surprise you that a small-sized bike can be more active than a larger one due to the features integrated into it.

A Pit Bike is one of the highly-misjudged bikes because of its kid-size appearance. It is a bike designed for adults and kids (if it’s not too powerful). The search for the ideal pit bike can be stressful; hence, the reason for this guide. Here is a review of the best pit bikes available on the market.

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The 6 Best Pit Bikes

YCF Bigy 190 X 150 Words

Yannick Coquard Factory is a bike manufacturing brand under Yannick, a Japanese company known for producing automotive and accessories. This brand is known for its cheap bikes packed with excellent durability due to the quality of its materials. YCF Bigy 190 X 150 Words is the brand’s best pit bike with incredible quality and performance.

The pit bike is ideal for leisure; hence, it has a simplistic design and decent features. This YCF bike comes with an electric and kick starter to get it moving and a moderate 35-inch seat height for comfort while riding. With a 187.2cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine, a rider should enjoy a stress-free ride.

Kawasaki KLX110

Another impressive Japanese brand to attend to your needs when it comes to superb bikes is Kawasaki. Many of their bikes have won championships; thus, you can always count on performance. Fortunately, there are bikes for adults and kids – the pit bike.

Kawasaki KLX110 is a popular pit bike with great support and exclusive features. It is also high-quality and built for boosting confidence. The bike uses a kickstart and push button to get it actively running and comes with a 110c 4-stroke engine to ensure good performance on any trail. Since it has a 34.3-inch seat height, it is a lot comfortable and easy to manage.

Bucci Moto FM20MX

The Japanese aren’t the only ones great at making motorbikes with impressive quality; the Italians aren’t left out. Bucci Moto is an Italian motorbike brand known for its stylish and aesthetic design. Most of the brand’s motorbikes are high-quality, especially pit bikes.

One of the best pit bikes from this brand is the FM20MX. It is the ideal leisure bike for local trails, suitable for both kids and adults. This bike also has a powerful 190cc engine with a starter button power for great riding performance and further utilizes a 33-inch seat with a linkage system for convenience and traction gain.

Honda CRF150

Honda always comes as one of the top-rated brands in the motorbike industry because of its award-winning performance and quality. This brand doesn’t make only bikes for races and competitions, but also trail riding, leisure riding, commuting, etc. A bike rider in need of a reliable pit bike can get something worth it from Honda – the CRF150.

Honda CRF150 is a good chance to improving riding skills because of its reliable design and top-notch performance. It is the ideal junior race bike because of its 149.7cc 4-stroke 4-valve Unicam Single engine with a Kickstarter button for easy use. It is, however, high on the price.

Pitster PRO MXR155

Pitster PRO is a Chinese brand that handles all its production and design work in the USA. This brand produces executive bikes worth the money, and it isn’t a surprise that there are pit bikes for adults and kids. However, the bikes are only perfect for having fun and cruising.

Pitster PRO MXR155 Pit Bike is a best-seller known for its manual clutch and aesthetic design. It has a compact construction with a lightweight chassis and great suspension to deliver an optimum riding performance. Furthermore, the 32-inch seat bike uses a powerful 155cc engine with a four-speed transmission for easy control.

Yamaha YZ85

Yamaha is one of the most popular bike manufacturers in the world today. Many riders patronize this brand because they believe in their bike’s exclusive performance and fantastic features. It will be a huge blow if one of this brand’s products isn’t on the list of the best pit bikes on the market.

Yamaha YZ85 is a legendary bike; it is the foundation on which many pit bikes were designed. Not only is this bike reliable in performance, but it integrates features such as an 85cc single cylinder, 2-stroke engine, and a kickstart button for easy control. Undoubtedly, it is one of the bikes worth the investment.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Pit Bike

A Pit Bike is great until you are about to pick the best one for your level. Here is a list of factors to help you in making that wise decision.


The heart of a bike is its engine. If the bike has a good engine, there is no limit to what the bike can offer; on the contrary, you may never enjoy your riding experience. Therefore, you must thoroughly check the engine specification of a pit bike to be sure it is something you can use before buying.


A Pit Bike is controlled in two ways – automatically or manually. Pit Bikes with Electric Start Button are somewhat easy to use, compared to manual ones. However, everyone’s preference varies; so, you should choose based on what you can handle.

Seat Height

Another factor to consider is the seat height to ensure it is a good choice for your rider level or height. If you are a tall rider, you aren’t expected to go for a short pit bike and vice-versa.


Taking this review into consideration, buying the best pit bikes shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do anymore. Since you are provided with great options and factors to help you decide what is right or not, you shouldn’t have a problem.