Best Moped Scooters for Adults 2021 Reviewed


Another scooter type you will find on the market is the Moped. It is a transitional scooter, i.e., the mid-point between a motorcycle and a scooter. Moped Scooters are quite popular as they help in making movement easy and safe. It is also beginner-friendly.

In the search for the best moped scooters for adults, you may have come across various options. Following the high demand for this scooter type, it may be challenging to pick the best choice. Fortunately, this guide will introduce you to a couple of available two-wheels moped options for commuting on a busy road.

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The 5 Best Moped Scooters for Adults

Before getting right into the best moped scooters that are stylish and beginner-friendly, you should know that they are fully automatic with a 50cc engine.

Aprilia SR50R

Aprilia is a sporty company that has existed for some decades now. It is a top manufacturer of sports bikes; however, it has shown interest in moped scooters for some years now. The SR50R is the brand’s best, as it is a high-end scooter with a two-stroke motor and incredible features for performance.

In 1992, the first SR scooter was introduced to the market and sold over 700,000 units. As the years went by, it was upgraded with some advanced features to make it one of the best adult moped scooters. It shouldn’t catch you by surprise if this manufacturer decides to upgrade this scooter in the coming years further.

Yamaha AeroX 4

Most people who ride moped scooters know what to expect, but Yamaha gives another thrilling experience. This manufacturer is one of the bests in the two-wheeled and four-wheeled industry, so it isn’t surprising that it incorporates some fantastic things into its best-seller, i.e., the AeroX 4.

Yamaha AeroX 4 is an incredible moped scooter with a two-stroke motor; hence, it is beginner-friendly. The 4-stroke motor is also available. It is well-built and equipped with NSC50 Vision for seamless riding in the dark. Indeed, it is a clean and stylish choice, even though it is a little expensive.

Lexmoto Echo 50

The British Motorcycle Industry has never been any better since the birth of Lexmoto. This Chinese brand combines good performance with affordability to deliver what is expected from a scooter designed for newbies. It may be a little basic, but it is one of the best choices out there.

The Lexmoto Echo 50 is the top-rated moped scooter model with high demand from British riders. Currently, sales have been on a high with this model, which is a piece of evidence that people really love the 50cc bike. Additionally, the scooter comes with small 10 inches wheels, making it easy and quick to handle, coupled with other features such as fuel gauge, top box, and seat storage.

Vespa Primavera 50

Vespa is an Italian brand, so all you should expect other than excellent performance is a stylish body. It is somewhat responsible for some two-wheel and four-wheel motorcycles you see on the market. This brand’s top-choice of a moped scooter is called the Primavera 50. It is a two-stroke scooter ideal for commuting in busy cities.

Vespa Primavera 50’s engine can go up to 300cc, depending on preference. Therefore, you are free to choose based on the type of performance you would like to see. More importantly, it is a moped scooter with long term benefits, unlike other options with short term benefits for adult newbies.

Gilera Runner

One of the oldest scooters that made the 21st century is the Gilera Runner. It was only introduced 3 years before the start of the century; however, its performance remains overwhelming as it goes through major upgrades. The Italian moped scooter is available in different engine options, i.e., 125, 180, and 200cc.

Gilera Runner is a limited model, so you shouldn’t be surprised if all you’ll ever come across are those between 50cc and 125cc. Nevertheless, you would love its performance and its lightweight, modern construction for easy commuting.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Adult Moped Scooters

There is no missing out on the best adult moped scooters; hence, you need to consider the factors below to pick the most suitable choice.


Before you pick any two-wheel or four-wheel vehicle or bike, you need to be sure whether you can handle it or not. Moped Scooters are somewhat designed to be easy to use; however, there are grades to how easy it can be. If it lacks some basic features, you shouldn’t even consider having it at all.

One feature that determines its handling potential is the wheel. Going for an adult moped scooter with a wide wheel (often about 10 inches) can give you a better advantage at handling and maneuverability.


Another factor that will determine whether a moped scooter is ideal for you or not is Speed. It is often a function of its motor and engine.

The essence of having a moped scooter in the first place is to have something simple, lightweight, and fast to use in busy cities.

For newbies, scooters with an average speed are advised. As time goes by, you can upgrade to those with higher speeds.

Advanced Features

What sets a scooter brand from others is the type of features integrated into their scooter models. If a brand provides some advanced features such as display, LED lights, basket storage, seat storage, etc., you shouldn’t hesitate to go for its scooters. All these features will be useful someday.


Finding the best moped scooters for adults may not be as difficult as people think if they read a comprehensive guide like this. People must make their findings correctly always to get something worth the money. With a good moped scooter, commuting in a busy city or area will become easier and better.