Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers


Riding motorcycles is great, but do you know you can make it more than only that? You can always add a bit of entertainment to it, as long as you have the right accessories to ensure that. Some bikes (mostly electric types) have stereos or speakers built into them for maximum entertainment. However, you could take a bit top-notch by getting helmet speakers.

Motorcycle Helmet Speakers are useful accessories that would make a ride fun and free. In a situation where you have to pick calls and speak to friends and family, you don’t have to struggle to get phones around your ear; instead, the helmet speaker does the job. If you’d also like to listen to your favorite songs while riding, the helmet makes it possible.

There are so many things helmet speakers could do for you; however, it has always been a struggle to pick one. Here, you’ll be introduced to the best motorcycle helmet speakers, so you don’t have to run from one store to another (physical or online).

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What are the Factors to Check Before Buying Motorcycle Helmet Speakers?

While you are in a hurry to pick a helmet speaker suitable for a bike ride, you should understand that there are some things to check on your list. The purpose of considering these factors is to make sure you get something worth your money’s value. These factors include;

  • Helmet Type

Understanding that there are different helmet types is one way to be safe on what to choose for road use. Each of the two helmet types differs in construction, technology, and connectivity – Annexed and Standalone. Annexed helmets allow the installation of speakers into them; hence they are more convenient. On the other hand, Standalone helmets do not support speakers.

Below is a list of the different helmet speaker types on the market.

Bluetooth Helmet Speakers

Motorcycle Helmet Speakers with Bluetooth technology are one of the most popular choices around. With this connectivity, calls, music, intercom, etc., are made easy for an enjoyable ride.

Wired Helmet Speakers

Unlike Bluetooth or Wireless connectivity, Wired Helmet Speakers uses a wired connection to function. It would also be effective to pick calls and play music. Interestingly, some helmets come with both Bluetooth and Wired connectivity.

In-Built Helmet Speakers

Quite similar to the Bluetooth Helmet Speaker is those originally designed with in-built speakers for active function. They are much better than every other type because you don’t have to worry about the speaker falling off or a lost connection in the absence of a mobile device.

  • Size

Speakers for helmets come in different sizes, so you need to be careful about what you pick. There are helmets with small speakers, and those with medium, and finally those with large ones. It is always advisable to go for the medium ones; the small speakers produce low sound quality while the large ones could make the ear uncomfortable.

  • Battery Life

Most helmet speakers run on batteries for performance. Those with good battery life last longer; hence, you need to consider this factor.

  • Construction

The helmet’s construction is one thing; the helmet speaker’s construction is another. If both the helmet and speaker are constructed with durable materials, then the helmet speaker as a whole should withstand certain conditions. Motorcycle riding is sometimes in unfavorable weather conditions; thus, you need a helmet that would resist the impact of wind, rain, sunlight, etc.

What are the Best Motorbike Helmet Speakers?

Now that you have seen a couple of things to bear in mind before choosing a helmet speaker let’s get right into the top-rated choices on the market.

  • UClear Digital Pulse Helmet Speaker

UClear is one of the most prominent motorcycle helmet speakers’ brands globally. The UClear Digital Pulse Helmet Speaker is the brand’s best invention so far because of its incredible sound quality, brass tones, and high-performance crystal tones. It is a high-definition wired speaker with a design that allows users to move it from one helmet to another. Additionally, it offers consistent performance on the road while it is beginner-friendly and versatile.

  • Sena SMH5-A0307 Slim Speaker for Bluetooth Headset

In another way, Sena is also one of the best motorcycle helmet manufacturers. Ideally, they are known for their fantastic Bluetooth-incorporated helmets. Sena SMH5-A037 Slim Speaker for Bluetooth Headset is an excellent example of a helmet speaker that would change bike riders’ experience on the road. With the super-effective communication systems in the helmet speaker, it wouldn’t be difficult to play songs and receive calls while on the road. Most importantly, the volume and sound quality are both extraordinary and suitable for all riders.

  • Lexin LX-B4FM

Another Bluetooth helmet brand that you would love is Lexin. It is remarkably known for its HiFi stereo music and hands-free features that would help riders stay focused and also enjoy their time on the road. Lexin LX-B4FM is the brand’s best choice because of its excellent features and design. This helmet speaker has three face types for easy accessibility – Open-face, Flip-Face, and Full-Face. With the latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology and profiles such as Hands-Free Profile, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, and Headset Profile, it is one of the top options for all motorcyclists.

  • Jzaq Motorcyle Intercom Headset

Jzaq is another brand you wouldn’t want to miss because it offers waterproof protection on most of its products. Its best-seller – Jzaq Motorcycle Intercom Headset, has a long battery life, excellent durability, and ultimate comfort for long and short trips. Furthermore, the sound quality and tones are clear and beautiful so that you won’t feel disturbed throughout your journey. More importantly, the Bluetooth 5.0 and DSP Noise Reduction System would allow you to communicate with other riders effectively.


Usually, Helmets offer a different protection level on the road; distractions cause many road accidents. With any of the best motorcycle helmet speakers, you will be protecting yourself and stay focused while communicating or listening to music on the road. Follow the buying guide strictly, and you’ll find the right choice for you.