Best Dirt Bikes for Beginners 2021 Reviewed


Starting your journey into the dirt bike life may not be an easy one; you might have to overcome some challenges to become a better rider. Before you start, you are advised to take a few lessons from professional or avid dirt bike riders so that you can know what to do and what not. More importantly, you will have to get the best dirt bike for beginners that will help optimize your skills as a newbie.

That being said, you shouldn’t go off the edge looking for just any dirt bike. With the recommendations made available in this beginner-friendly dirt bike review, you should set off on the right foot.

The 5 Best Dirt Bikes for Beginners

Honda CRF250X Dirt Bike

One of the ideal Motorcross dirt bikes to use as an amateur rider is the Honda CRF250X Dirt Bike. It is the most available choice on the market, being a product of one of the favorite brands in the business. It has so many road features, making it a lot easier and convenient to use.

Honda CRF250X uses an electric start button to stay in motion, and it guarantees a smooth, sweet ride. The 250CC 4-stroke engine dirt bike also has an incredible ground clearance with the aid of a solid frame and a wheel package of 18-inch rear and 21-inch front. Additionally, its weight distribution is settled at 254 lbs., which makes it good enough for anyone.

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Yamaha YZ125 Dirt Bike

A popular choice of bike for beginners, known to have won the Motorcross winning championship, is the Yamaha YZ125 Dirt Bike. It is a bike for pros and intermediates; however, it would surprise many that it was designed for beginners. That is a lot to tell how impressive the performance is when put to work.

Yamaha YZ125 Dirt Bike uses a 125CC 2-stroke engine to give that experience every beginner rider craves from a first ride. It has a solid construction, making it durable and suitable for uneven terrains. Surprisingly, it is lightweight with a weight distribution of 207 lbs., which is almost as good enough.

KTM 250 SX-F Dirt Bike

Another fantastic bike that has won World Championships is the KTM 250 SX-F Dirt Bike. It is a powerful choice of bike for many beginners due to the technology integrated into it. Some of these features include an electric fuel injection system and an electric start button.

KTM 250 SX-F Dirt has since gone through different modifications while maximizing its performance for beginners. It is also lightweight and enables soft landings using its incredible rear suspensions. Overall, if you are a beginner rider in need of power, this 4-stroke engine dirt bike is your go-to.

Suzuki RM85 Dirt Bike

The easiest dirt bike to control is the Suzuki RM85. It is a replacement for the RM80, which was designed originally for practice. Some of the improvements in this bike include a progressive suspension for ground clearance, an aluminum frame, a 2-stroke motor, and an aluminum frame.

Suzuki RM85 Dirt Bike’s control is aided by the 85cc engine with six-speed manual transmission and a long clutch lever that provides a low-end output and offers safety. It also comes in a slim, compact design making it easy to maneuver across different terrains. The riding position is another commendable thing about this bike.

Kawasaki KLX110

The most popular option on the list of dirt bikes for beginners is the Kawasaki KLX110. The original design was for juniors and kids; however, new modifications made it an ideal choice even for adults. Moreover, it is lightweight with a quick throttle and low CG to boost a beginner’s confidence.

One lovable thing about the Kawasaki KLX110 Dirt Bike is the motor – 50cc mini, 4-stroke engine. It comes with 4 gears with no clutch, guaranteeing good speed on any road. The dirt bike also has low ground clearance, making it convenient and easy to use.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Beginner Dirt Bikes

Beginner riders are not that great with choosing bikes. They often go for dirt bikes that look all nice and fancy without consulting relevant sources for factors to check out. However, below are the factors to help you choose the most appropriate bike for your skill level.

Weight Distribution and Height

The first thing you need to be certain of is whether the bike can hold your weight or not. Every bike has a fair weight distribution; anything higher may damage or destroy the bike’s integrity.

Also, the rider’s height is equally important to determine riding position. The knee should always have a slender bend, enhancing the free movement of your feet forward. Therefore, height determines maneuverability.


While buying a dirt bike, you are often left to decide between two types of engines – 2-strokes and 4-strokes. Both engines are great, but one is best-suited for beginners than the other. The 2-stroke engine bikes are light, comfortable, easy to control, and quick. They are the ideal choice for beginners.

On the other hand, 4-stroke engine bikes are more extensive and best-suited for professionals. However, the incredible thing about this type of bike is its credibility for long rides.


Every beginner bike rider must take safety seriously because only then will they be able to use the bike to its full potential. Most top-rated brands now incorporate advanced safety features into their dirt bikes for more reliable performance. Some of these features include a hydraulic braking system and a solid suspension system for low ground clearance.


The possibility of having the best dirt bike for beginners isn’t null; a couple of fantastic bikes are out there on the market. While you may be impressed with what you see, it is consequential that you regard the factors in the buying guide to pick the best choice for you. Once you get any of these bikes, you can kickstart your riding career right away!