Best Dirt Bikes for Trail Riding 2021 Reviewed


Bike riding is a thrilling experience. It is one of the things people love to do at leisure time. While you get to perform the latest riding techniques, you also get the opportunity to race other people. However, none of that is possible without having a good bike for the road.

There are different styles of bike riding; trail riding is one of them. It involves riding on trails, i.e., multiple terrains, including tracks, sand, field, bridgeways, etc. Contrary to the opinion people have about dirt bikes, i.e., only suitable for rough terrains, there are those designed for trails. Find out the best dirt bike for trail riding in this review.

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The 5 Best Dirt Bikes for Trail Riding

Yamaha WR250F Dirt Bike

Experienced dirt bikers always know the brands to go for when buying bikes for certain purposes. Yamaha is one of those top-rated brands that deliver exactly what most riders are looking for. Since it is a great bike brand choice among off-road enthusiasts, there is always a shot at each of its products.

Yamaha WR250F Dirt Bike is ideal for trail riding, even though it is small and lightweight. This bike with a 4-stroke engine can get riders through any trail or terrain following the features it possesses. Some of these features include a tough skid plate, aluminum frame, and discreet lighting front and rear ends for an incredible riding experience.

KTM 300 Erzbergrodeo LTD

If a rider isn’t up for the 4-stroke engine dirt bike for trail riding, the 2-stroke engine bikes aren’t less performing. One of the best choices is the KTM 300 Erzbergrodeo LTD, designed with insane features for maximum road performance. It is a limited trail bike; therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised to find only a few on the market.

KTM 300 Erzbergrodeo bike is durable, lightweight, and agile. It has different sets of features to put it at the best action while offering excellent maneuverability. More importantly, it has a suspension system that provides good safety on any trail or terrain.

Sherco 500 SEF

Sherco is another popular brand in the bike industry. This French brand dwells in three principles – originality, quality reliability, and consistency. It makes sure the off-road cycling experience is a better one by introducing incredible bikes into the market. As a matter of fact, both beginners and professionals find Sherco worthy.

Sherco 500 SEF is one of the few impressive bikes, as it comes with advanced features for maximum performance. These features make it suitable for trail riding, and they include Synerjet Fuel Injection, KYB Suspension System, and Akrapovic Exhausts. Furthermore, this bike brand makes the bike hard to resist with state-of-the-art designs.

Honda CRF450RX Dirt Bike

No matter how you miss out on the rest, Honda is one brand you shouldn’t miss when it comes to automobiles like motorbikes and dirt bikes. This renowned manufacturer, best known for different vehicle models, has a dirt bike suitable for trail riding. This bike, Honda CRF450RX, is one of a kind.

The 450CC engine bike being an enduro version of its Motorcross bike has great features incorporated into it. They include enclosed disk brakes, skid plate, large capacity fuel tank, switchable power maps, broad powerband, etc. Additionally, this dirt bike comes with an adjustable suspension system that helps in ensuring safety.

Kawasaki KX450XC Dirt Bike

Like Honda and Yamaha, Kawasaki is a good brand you would love for a fantastic trail riding experience. The KX450XC Dirt Bike is the best-seller due to its attractive heirloom design. It also has a strong body construction to support different terrains, pliable by both beginners and professionals.

Kawasaki KX450XC uses a two-stroke powerful engine to deliver extraordinary performance. Its best features include switchable modes, engine mapping, and rental bars; hence, it is highly recommended for low ground clearance. This dirt bike further has an adjustable seat for convenience.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Dirt Bikes for Trail Riding

Engine Type

Bikes are different from themselves in various not only in manufacturer name or design. One major difference is the engine or motor type that determines the overall performance of such a bike for events or special occasions, including trail riding.

Ideally, there are two types of engines – the 2-stroke and the 4-stroke. Either of the two engines performs extraordinarily well but differ in reliability and flexibility. For competitive trail riding, i.e., Enduro, it is best to go for a 4-stroke engine because it delivers exactly what you need for the road. On the other hand, the 2-stroke engine is suitable for light trail riding.

Suspension System

You cannot be riding across different terrains without preparing yourself for dire situations. Thus, many dirt bike brands decide to add a good suspension system for low ground clearance. This system is also responsible for shock absorption to try out different styles of riding comfortably. It would also be ideal to go for bikes with this feature.

Safety Features

Apart from the suspension system, there is also the need to consider the safety features incorporated into dirt bikes for trail riding. No matter how good you are as a rider, you are bound to face certain circumstances that may be out of your control. In that situation, all you can count on is the safety features on your bike to keep you back on track.

From careful observation, the best dirt bike brands use a hydraulic braking system with skid control to ensure safe riding. If a bike doesn’t have any of these features or a better one to keep you safe on the road, you shouldn’t waste your money on it.


Going for the best dirt bike for trail riding means you must have done your assignment properly to know what’s right for you. If you haven’t, this guide, in summary, has helped provide all the resources you’ll need to make a good decision.