Best Dual Sport Motorcycles 2021 Reviewed


If you’ve come across some street bikes, you will find out they aren’t just any bike, as s they are different in style and design. These dirt bikes are often referred to as Dual Sport Motorcycles. These bikes are street-legal with limited use even though they almost look like Enduro and Cross-country bikes.

For enthusiastic riders that want a taste of the experience of this motorbike, there are quite a few options on the market. It would only be nice to find a guide that will point you in the direction to go. Luckily, here is one article on the best dual sport motorcycles for both amateur and professional riders.

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The 7 Best Dual Sport Motorcycles

Husqvarna FE 501s

Husqvarna will always be a top manufacturer choice for motorcycle riders. It has produced several motorbikes, dirt bikes, motorcycles with incredible qualities and performances. One on the list is the FE 501s, a street-legal bike/dual sport motorcycle with some of the best features you can only dream of.

Husqvarna FE 501s has a solid construction with a carbon composite subframe for durability. In terms of control, this motorcycle has features like Magura brakes, ProTaper handlebar, and Magura hydraulic clutch to keep it stable. Additionally, it uses linkage rear suspension and fork preload adjustment for safety and shock absorption.


In the history of the dual sport, KTM has always been a brand to contribute in different ways. This manufacturer has a set of motorcycles designed solely for the task at the highest performance a rider can think of. One of those motorcycles is the KTM 500 EXC-F, with constant new modifications for improved performance.

This street-legal dirt bike has a stiffer frame to provide more strength and durability while riding on uneven terrains. Furthermore, it has a great engine comprising a light, short cylinder head, valves, rocker harms, clutch cover, and Konig piston. Indeed, the KTM 500 EXC-F’s bodywork is extraordinary.

Beta 500 RR-S

There aren’t so many choices in the off-road industry; however, Beta has taken it as a sole responsibility to deliver unique motorcycles for the cause. The 500 RR-S is a dual sport motorcycle that makes a difference, even on the Italian market. It is best known for its incredible speed and excellent torque.

Beta 500 RR-S comes with an excellent fuel-injection system, a 6-speed transmission, Sachs ZF forks, and a Voyager GPS. Each of these features works together to get you through different types of terrains. More exclusively, this bike is one of the best lightweight choices.

Honda CRF450L

Honda is one of the classic manufacturers of four-wheel automobiles and dirt bikes, and dual sport motorcycles. It currently has a list of off-road motorcycles for the year, in which one of the most performing options is the CRF450L. This bike is known for its speed and the comfort that comes with using it.

Honda CRF450L features an adjustable suspension system on the front and rear sides, which is good enough for safety. It also offers a low-ground clearance with a stiff clutch for control. Overall, it has a short powerband for optimized balance.

Suzuki DR650S

Suzuki is one of the oldest motorcycle brands on the market. Nevertheless, this manufacturer has delivered motorbikes with superior qualities in recent years. Currently, Suzuki currently has 3 dual sport motorcycles, one of which is the best and the most popular – DR650S.

Suzuki DR650S has a larger displacement with features such as a 4-stroke engine, conventional fork linkage suspension. It also has a solid construction aided by the double-cradle steel frame, housing a Mikuni 40mm carburetor. It is indeed a great choice for professional riders.

Kawasaki KLX250

For new interested dual motorcycle riders, the Kawasaki KLX250 is a recommended choice. This beginner-friendly bike is known for its small displacement while still providing an excellent performance. It is built on some incredible features that further enhance its performance on the road.

Kawasaki KLX250 has a robust suspension system and a reliable plush platform for safety. It also has a good ground clearance. More importantly, it is an affordable choice of motorbike.

Yamaha WR250R

Yamaha is one of the best motorcycle manufacturers because it can modify bikes into different models with extensive performance. Yamaha WR250R is a compensated choice for off-road and dual sport uses. It is balanced and solid in construction due to the semi-double-cradle frame and other exclusive features. Overall, it is suitable for entry-level and professional riders.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Dual Sport Motorcycles

Before you pick a dual sport motorcycle, you should do well to check some factors to ensure it is the right choice for you.


One of the significant factors to consider is the brand/manufacturer. There are a few top-rated manufacturers in the motorcycle industry, and going for their products will help you in tremendous ways. These brands care about their reputation, which is why they cannot deliver just any bike for beginner or professional riders to use.

Some of the trusted bike brands include Honda, Kawasaki, KLX, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc.


The body construction of dual sport motorcycles determines strength and durability. Suppose a feature such as an aluminum cradle frame is incorporated into the bikes; there is nothing to worry about. It will get through the harshest conditions without quality loss.

Suspension System

The performance of a dual-sport motorcycle is also dependent on its suspension system. Bikes with a suspension system such as Sachs offer better control and ergonomics on the road.

Likewise, you should check the displacements. Bikes with larger displacements are best-sellers on the market.


With a comprehensive guide like this, buying the best dual sport motorcycles shouldn’t be difficult any longer. If you can do what is necessary, i.e., carefully check the factors responsible for the performance, as mentioned above, you are good to go. Having a street-legal dirt bike is always a worthy investment for fun and entertainment.