Best 250cc Dirt Bikes in 2021

What are Dirt Bikes?

Dirt Bikes are slightly different from regular motorcycles; although their built is a little similar, they weigh much lighter than these motorcycles as they are made to be ridden off the road. They are built to take on the ruggedness of rough terrain from rocks, mud, and dirt; they can be used for your cross-region traveling and riding. Dirt bikes are also called Trail Bikes and have been categorized as Supercross, Motocross, Pit Bike racing, Enduro racing, and so much more. Dirt bikes are used widely as sportbike, especially for cross-country bike racing.

Difference Between a Dirt bike and a Street bike

As earlier stated, the dirt bike is different from the street bike or regular ones we use on our modern roads due to how the two bikes are built and designed and are both designed for various purposes.

  • Tires: The tire composition of both the street and dirt bikes are different, the dirt bike has a tire that is often called the “Knobbly tires.” The dirt bike tires have aggressive threads that give it a higher level of traction in conjunction with the narrow built of the wheels, which further adds to the swift navigation on rough surfaces. The tires of the dirt can be tubeless or could also have tubes fixed into them.
  • Frame: The frames of the dirt bikes are built to withstand a lot of riding stress and features a more substantial material to develop their structure than the regular street bike. The dirt bikes are built for off-road rides. Hence, they are made to be sturdy and still lightweight, making the bike sleek, heavy-duty, and yet lightweight.
  • Stance: The riding stance, which includes the saddle and seating position of the street bike and dirt bike, is very different. The way a dirt bike is shaped makes the riders keep their weight more at the front of the bike than the back like street bikes. The handlebars of dirt bikes are also wider and add to the riding stance, which makes it different from a street bike; with the weight of the riders being in front, they do not put too much pressure on the back wheel, which functions a lot when they get stuck in the mud or riding on rough terrain.
  • The Build: The general build of the dirt bike is entirely different from a street bike which includes it being smaller in size, a higher stance. The saddle of the dirt bike is higher than other bikes, which could be very uncomfortable for some beginners or even makes some riders stay away from getting a dirt bike. They also respond to the touches and command of their riders than street bikes.

Why a 250cc Dirt Bike?

The 250cc dirt bike would be an excellent choice if you are a beginner for off-road riding; it is not only perfect for a beginner but works quite well for an experienced rider as well. The 250cc dirt bikes offer the best form of power mixture and the ability for a rider to maneuver the control of the bike while riding. The 250cc Dirt bike has that suitable lightweight that makes riding less of a burden for a new rider because s a beginner, you would have some shaky movements and probably fall, but the 250cc is exceptional for an easy lift to return to a riding position. They are lightweight and yet have enough power to offer a smooth ride on the rough terrain.

With many brands with different dirt bikes model, knowing the one to choose could be a bothering situation. We have selected a high-ranking 250cc dirt bike that would offer you style and high performance.

250cc Dirt Bike Hawk 250 Enduro Bike Motorcycle

Our top 250cc Dirt bike is the Hawk 250 Enduro bike; with its high level of versatility, this bike does more than helping you on your road trails; it could be used for regular commuting on your streets. By buying a Hawk 250 Enduro bike, you are getting yourself a multi-functional bike as you do not need just to lock your bike in your garage and take it out only when you are ready to go for some off-road racing as a wide legal backing supports it.

The Hawk 250 Enduro rides at a speed of 68 mph, which is relatively higher than most dirt bikes in the market; this speed is also further supported by its ability to absorb sudden shocks at a very high rate. This bike’s build makes it conducive for tall and heavy riders, which further adds to its ability to cater to an extensive range of potential buyers. Its frame is also built from an excellent material which makes it very sturdy; along with these strong assembled comes a quality brake feature that makes it durable. The built of the bike makes it possible for the bike to handle crashes and drops and offers a ground clearance of about 8.3 inches.

It is available in four different colors, which further gives buyers the right to choose the color of the bike that would work best for them and is similar to their loved ones. The bike system features an air cooling system that prevents overheating of the motorcycle during use and has a highly improved exhaust pipe that is stylish and classy. The bike’s gas tank can take gas of 3.7 gallons, and the stroke of the bike is four.

Key Features

  • Large exceptional tire size
  • 4-stroke engine
  • Chain-driven system
  • Great maneuvering ability
  • 65 Pounds


  • Brand: RPS
  • Product Dimension: 69 x 18 x 34 inches


  • Offers quality suspension
  • It features an excellent frame build
  • The brake is certified good by users
  • Great tires that help its versatility


  • Some customers have complained of the difficulty of assembling it


We have carefully discussed the uniqueness of the dirt bike and how it stands out from the street bike with its built and level of functionality. The RPS Hawk 250cc dirt bike is certified safe for the environment because they burn clean fuel and also helps to manage your gas efficiently. The speed transmission of this bike is smooth as it does not give you a death scare kind of gear shift; its brake is also made from hydraulic, which makes the brakes react fast to instructions from the rider. Choosing an excellent dirt bike is o longer a big deal as this article has brought a great choice.

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