Best Cheap Dirt Bikes 2021 Reviewed


Have you been looking for the perfect dirt bike but couldn’t find one because it was too expensive? You shouldn’t have to beat yourself up about that when there are cheap ones, only if you knew where to look at. Here is a review of the best cheap dirt bikes on the market with good performance and a smooth-riding experience.

The 5 Best Cheap Dirt Bikes

X-Pro 125CC Dirt Bike

One of the most incredible and affordable dirt bikes currently available is the X-Pro 125CC Dirt Bike. It is one built with a more fascinating and attractive design so that you would love it. The bike has one of the best engines – 125CC, guaranteeing long working performance and top-notch durability.

X-Pro 125CC Dirt Bike is available in two different, elegant colors. It is also stable and keeps you comfortable on any terrain. However, the only demerit about this bike is that it is high maintenance. Therefore, if you are ready for this affordable bike, you should be expecting maintenance checks quite often.

Apollo Dirt Bike X18

Another fantastic dirt bike for the road, sold at one affordable price, is the Apollo Dirt Bike X18. It combines beauty, speed, and durability to deliver extraordinary performance. This bike is not only recommended for professionals, but beginners can have a taste of its goodness.

Apollo Dirt Bike X18 is a bike built to offer a smooth ride using its hydraulic brake. It comes with a 4-strong engine and a 4-speed manual clutch; indeed, it is an original bike with an excellent design. Unfortunately, not everyone can use a manual bike, making it only useful for a selected few.

Tao Dirt Bike DB17

A popular option most dirt bikers on a budget go for is the Tao Dirt Bike DB17. It is what it is because of the extraordinary features integrated into its simple body. This bike is ideal for many beginners and professional riders; thus, it is for everyone.

Tao Dirt Bike DB17 is high-quality, with solid body construction giving it a plus for road performance. Moreover, it is highly functional with an incredible display and 1 cylinder. The only problem with this 4-stroke dirt bike is that the suspension isn’t all that great like many other options.

Honda CRF X Dirt Bike

A more exclusive cheap dirt bike option is the Honda CRF X. It is known for its controllable speed and attractive design. The unique thing about this bike is its 21 inches wide tires giving it the amount of grip required for a smooth ride.

Honda CRF X Dirt Bike is a beginner-friendly bike; however, it is also recommended for intermediates. It has a 4-stroke 250cc engine, making it high-quality and convenient. This bike further has an electric start and a good ground clearance for the road. The only limitation is its semi-solid construction.

Since it is a product of one of the best brands in the automobile industry, you can trust its performance.

Razor MX 650 Dirt Bike

Razor is also one fantastic bike manufacturer in the industry; currently, there are over hundreds of bikes designed for beginners and professionals. One of its cheapest models is the Razor MX 650 Dirt Bike. It is known to deliver the amount of comfort required for a sweet, enjoyable ride.

Razor MX 650 Dirt Bike has some advanced features, even though it is affordable – for instance, acceleration control and rechargeable battery. The body construction is another worthy feature to consider, as it offers more torque and a sturdy feel. Finally, it is durable, adjustable (with the handlebar), and provides an excellent weight capacity.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Cheap Dirt Bikes

If you are interested in any of the best dirt bikes reviewed above, you should consider some factors before buying. You must do this to pick what is within your budget and deliver exactly what you’re looking for in a dirt bike below $1000.


One of the significant factors to check in a dirt bike is the construction. As much as the price may look all pleasing to you, if the bike’s construction isn’t a solid one, you may never enjoy its use.

So, apart from coming at a budget-friendly price, it would be best to make sure it is durable and solid. It should also be able to get you through difficult terrains without losing its quality. Finally, ensure the wheels are in great form for better grip and performance.


What makes a dirt bike, motorbike, or automobile moveable and functional is the engine and motor. Without these features, it may be impossible even to get them to work at all. Therefore, it is pertinent that you pay attention to the state and quality of your dirt bike engine.

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4-stroke 250CC engines are pretty standard and ideal for professional riders; on the other hand, a 2-stroke engine is perfect for beginners. Nevertheless, they both help to deliver long-lasting bike performance. If the engine or motor isn’t all that great, it is only best that you go for another option.

Recently, electric-powered engines are starting to make waves.

Suspension System

Ideally, a dirt bike is designed for rough, uneven terrains and surfaces; this makes them different from other bikes. Therefore, to overcome these surfaces, they have a significant feature called a suspension system. This system does the work of handling and controlling the bike; however, it must be stiff to deliver excellence.

If the suspension system isn’t stiff – or is rather loose, there are chances you could skid off the road; hence, it is dangerous. Therefore, you should go for dirt bikes with great suspension systems.


With this review, you shouldn’t find it difficult to look for the best cheap dirt bike. All you’ve got to do is pay attention to the factors above and use that to pick your most preferred choice. If you aren’t satisfied with them, it would be best to go through the various dirt bike collections made available by the top-rated manufacturers.