Best 50cc Moped scooters in 2021

What are scooters?

Scooters are low-speed motorcycles designed with a step-through frame and a platform to which riders’ feet can be placed while riding. They provide economical personal transportation that will be more affordable, easy operation, and convenient parking in a small place than cars. It is personal transportation because it is made to be seated upon by the rider only.

Scooters are small but mighty powered motorcycles made to be used for commuting, cycling, fun, delivery, and other racing activities. It may be used in a short trip or an ordinary person who prefers to move around with it instead of cars to avoid delay or being hanged in a traffic jam. Scooters may be used in the town as well as the city. It is embraced mainly by young and adults, males, and some females nowadays.

Formally, just a few people were used by scooters because their values seemed to be blurred to people before the increase in cars’ usage, which brought the situation of being delayed by traffic jams even while going on a short trip. This arouses people’s interest towards having a scooter, although not entirely dumping cars but having a scooter as an alternative if going out with a car will be annoying on some occasions.

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Different Types of scooters

Moped scooter

In ancient times, the moped scooter was used to mean a two-tire motorcycle featuring the motorcycle engine and bicycle pedal. In contrast, the pedal may be used instead of powering the engine. Currently, the moped scooters are used for motorcycles featuring motorcycle’s engine without pedals; they are designed with a step-through chassis and a platform on which the rider can rest his feet.

There are also various types of scooters available, and it just depends on the features you are looking for and your budget.


The term moped scooter is mistakenly being used interchangeably with motorcycle and which is a typical term. Both vehicles are different from each other, just that they are both a two-tire ride featuring a motorcycle’s engine.

A moped scooter is a two-wheel vehicle with a pedal or no pedal while a motorcycle is a two-wheel vehicle with no pedal.

Moped scooters are designed with an engine that ranges from 50cc to 250cc, and its maximum speed is 20 to 30 miles, while motorcycles are designed with a higher engine over 250cc and can go faster and further than moped scooters.

Moped scooters’ engines are attached to the chassis, while motorcycles’ engines are built between the frames.

Moped scooters can not be ridden on the highway, while motorcycles are capable of being ridden on the highway.


Before the increase in the popularity of scooters worldwide, a variety of brands had their way of creating more of it with different types and styles. Out of the kinds created by different brands, the 50cc moped scooter happens to be among the best scooter people. However, the 50cc moped scooter also has some varieties which may be slightly different in features. And at this time, people have to be careful while trying to choose the kind of 50cc moped scooter to buy because it is unavoidable to have piracy looking like the original products. So if care is not correctly taken, someone may fall into a pool of buying the piracy instead of the original.

It is on this verge that the question of what is the best 50cc moped scooter to buy? As convenience is our utmost priority, this write-up is made to give you a straight and direct answer to your question.

APRILIA SR50 is a scooter manufactured by Aprilia company. Its manufacturing was initiated in 1992 which has now been witnessing a massive demand by people, and its production as well was increased to supply as match as possible to the marketplace, Aprilia as a company, has taken the first position in the scooter market due to the scintillating features that were added to the SR50 moped scooter. The qualities of this scooter can not be underestimated as well as its performance, starting from its engine, tires, suspension. It also has an instrumental panel that allows reading the level of your speed, fuel, trip, battery voltage, temperature, and clock. The Aprilia SR50 has a very powerful engine put together by Morini, Piaggio, and Minarelli. This strong engine gives it the opportunity of surpassing a higher speed which in its standard can go as long as 90km in an hour.

Key Features

The Honda, The standard of a product, is mostly known for its features because that is part of what people will always look forward to while choosing their scooter. SR50 is the best among the 50cc moped scooters and is built featuring more features that every user will like to see in their scooter.

It has front and rear suspension

It has the front and rear brake of 190mm disc brake each

Its front and back wheel are Tubeless 130/60 – 13.”

It has a cooling system


The scooter SR50 is made with higher specifications which makes it have good and standard performances that attract users’ interest. Its specifications include:

Engine size is 49 with one cylinder

Its bore and stroke is 39mm and 42.35mm

Its dimension is 1860mm in length and 805mm in width

Its fuel capacity is 7 liters

Its weight is 99km

It is designed with a seat height of 815mm

It has two takers for each intake and exhaust valve clearance

It has a spark plug which is NGK BR9ES.

It is built with a Single cylinder 2-stroke Hi-PER2 PRO engine


easy to operate

It gives good performances

It ensures total safety

It has a double brake for active stopping at any moment

It has a digital instrument panel that you can use to read the level of your speed, distance, temperature, and fuel indicator

It is as portable as expected of a scooter


It has a small seat space

It can only be used in the city

It is a little bit slow


There are various scooters available in the market today, all from different brands. We have taken the opportunity to provide you with the best option above. We hope you find this scooter to fit all your needs. If you need a 250cc dirt bike, then check out (Best 250cc Dirt Bikes in 2021)