Best Kid Dirt Bike for Fun


One of the things kids love while growing up is a bicycle or bike. You’d see many parents make promises to their kids to get them a new bike on their next clocking age. Kids love them for fun, but it goes beyond that.

Dirt Bikes are unique types that come with unforgettable memories and excitement. It does so much to teach about balance, coordination, discipline, and flexibility. Apart from the mechanical skills it enhances in a kid, it also builds mental alertness for academic work and life problems. Furthermore, it is a way to make kids feel responsible by cleaning and maintaining them.

Riding a bike is a hobby most kids would love. However, getting a kid’s bike isn’t difficult, but parents need to be educated on why they need to get one and what options to go for on the market. Hence, if you are looking for the best kid dirt bike for fun, you are in the right article to see one.

What are the Best Kid Dirt Bikes?

Kid dirt bikes are easy to come by; however, they are grouped according to age. A child’s age is one of the factors you need to consider before choosing any bike. Below is a categorization of the best bikes into suitable age groups.

  • Age 3 to 6
  • Razor Mx400 Electric Dirt Bike

One of the most beginner-friendly dirt bikes to get for your kids is the Razor Mx400 Electric Dirt Bike. It has gentle power with supporting safety features like front and rear brakes. It also features twist grip throttle control and adjustable handlebars for additional safety. This bike moves at 14 mph with a 24V battery-powered engine, making it an excellent choice for five- and six-year-olds.

  • Yamaha PW 50

Yamaha PW 50 is another attractive choice to get for kids that desire a fantastic riding experience. This bike has a sturdy frame with a small seat height and safety features like front and rear drum bikes for a tremendous performance. It works using a 49cc two-stroke engine with an automatic transmission and adjustable throttle. With these features, four-six-year-olds should feel confident about riding.

  • Age 7 to 11
  • Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike

Intermediate kid riders need something a little more in engine size and speed; Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike comes to the rescue. This bike is quite extraordinary even when it is only suitable for small riders between 7 and 11. It features a 70cc two-stroke engine and moves at 30 mph speed. More importantly, it has safety features like a semi-automatic transmission, four gears, and a foot brake.

  • Razor Mx350 Electric Motocross Dirt Bike

Another bike choice that would improve an intermediate rider’s confidence is the Razor Mx350 Electric Motocross Dirt Bike. It is unique because it has wide tires with deep lugs for a good riding experience. The bike has a 49cc two-stroke engine and moves at 20 mph. The safety features include a twist grip throttle control, front and rear disc brakes, and knobby tires.

  • Age 11 and above
  • Coleman Powersports Mini Bike

For advanced riders, you will need something more than the average engine size. Coleman Powersports Mini Bike is a perfect choice for these kids because it delivers exceptional stability and performance. It has a 98cc four-stroke engine and moves at 40-50mph. This bike has more torque, a wide seat, and low-pressure tires for excellent comfort and control. Indeed, it is the right choice for older kids.

What Factors to Consider Before Picking Dirt Bikes for Kids?

If you decide to buy a dirt bike for your kid, you need to look beyond the age group; there are other factors you need to consider. They include;

  • Electric Vs. Gas Bike

Ideally, there are two types of bikes – electric and gas bikes. It is no surprise that kid’s dirt bikes come in these two different types, as well. Choosing between Electric and Gas options depend on what you can afford. For instance, electric bikes always need electricity to stay powered for practical use for specified hours; on the other hand, gas bikes need fuel to run.

  • Engine Size

Every motorbike has an engine that powers it. This engine varies in size (cc) from one bike to another, depending on its capacity. Most kids begin with a 50cc bike until they are good enough to handle 65 to 125cc. It would be best if you were careful about the engine size you choose for your kid because it determines how useful it will be for such a kid.

  • Tire Size

Another factor you need to pay attention to is the tire size. The tire determines how easy it will be to ride and maneuver. Bigger tires may be a little challenging to control the bike, following the kid’s age; however, smaller tires may be too small to support a kid’s weight. Therefore, you are advised to go for moderate sizes in line with the kid’s statistics.

  • Speed

Likewise, you need to decide on the speed between a two-stroke motor and a four-stroke motor. The former is comfortable with quick power creation and a snappier powerband, while the latter is smooth, more comfortable to control, and powerful. Some dirt bikes have throttle controls that can be used to reduce the speed if required.

  • Safety

Depending on the kid in question, you should consider finding bikes with safety features. It is essential for new riders, so they don’t get injured all the time. A perfect example of a safety feature is an extra training wheel to teach balance.

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At this point, you shouldn’t be worried about finding the best kid dirt bike for fun; instead, you should start making plans on what your budget can afford. Regardless of whatever you choose, considering the age group, your kid is going to love every part of it. While you are also doing this, you should remember that you help your kids unlock useful life skills.