6 Harley-Davidson Wedding Ideas for Serious Biker Brides

Harley riders have always been the epitome of cool. But lately, bikers have taken their love of riding to a whole new level when they’ve ridden the bikes they adore on their wedding day.

The idea of a Harley Davidson wedding is so hot that it’s even attracted celebs. This includes such hotties as supermodel-actress Denise Richards, who hopped on a motorbike after saying her I Do’s to hubby Aaron Phypers in 2018.

If the idea of riding a motorcycle into the sunset with the love of your life sounds like your idea of a dream wedding, this post is for you.

We’re sharing 6 Harley Davidson wedding ideas for serious Harley-lovers here!

6 Harley Davidson Wedding Ideas for Lovers Who Love Harleys

For many biker brides and grooms, the first love to capture their heart wasn’t the one who’s meeting them at the altar to exchange wedding vows.

Your beloved may be the one who revs your engine today. But, they probably don’t share the horsepower of a Harley, now do they?

Some bikers are out to prove that it’s possible to have both loves of their life…on the same day.

Here are 6 inspiring Harley wedding ideas for all the bike-lovers out there who are tying the knot.

1. One Last Ride With Your Biker Gang

If your bride or groom-to-be doesn’t share your biker infatuation, that doesn’t mean you have to give up riding.

Gather up your gang for one last ride before you give your heart away.

Showing up with your wedding party pals to your pre-wedding festivities is cooler than cool.

2. Arrive in Style (Harley Style)

If both you and your soon-to-be spouse share a fondness for the driver’s seat, why not take two bikes to the wedding chapel?

You can choose to arrive at the ceremony on two separate bikes, even if you’re planning on leaving as one.

3. A Short Ride With Your Eternal Love

Perhaps your wedding day celebration includes a church wedding and an after-party at a separate destination.

If you want to include your Harley on your big day, but prefer alternate transportation when you drive off for your honeymoon, then take a bike ride to the next stop.

This is a great option for couples who are looking to compromise with a less-than-enthusiastic partner.

There are plenty of wedding car hire options that can sweep you away from your final stop to appease even the pickiest significant other. And, this is one way that the bride and groom can both take the ride of their dreams on their wedding day.

4. The Ultimate Biker Send-Off

If distance and weather are suitable, you might suggest hopping a Harley for the ultimate wedding day send-off.

With your bride on the back of your ride, it’s hard not to look like one of the coolest couples ever to get hitched.

5. Elope With Your Biker Bride or Groom

Will you be taking off for a private ceremony that includes just the two of you? How about eloping to your wedding destination biker-style?

You might even forgo traditional wedding rings and gift the love of your life with a new bike of their own.

6. Take Your Love For Your Bike All The Way (To the Altar!)

It may be going too far from some brides and grooms, but you could always zoom up to the altar, instead of taking that long walk down the aisle.

Want a Harley Honeymoon Instead?

If you still aren’t convinced (or haven’t convinced your spouse-to-be) that you need to have a Harley Davidson wedding, don’t worry. There is still plenty of time to enjoy biking with your babe.

How about a Harley honeymoon, instead?