Ducati Hypermotards Launched for 2021

The concept the Ducati Hypermotard has for its new official launching date in 2016 will consist of a stunning outlook that serves up high precision functionality, great performance, and modern design. According to some experts in the motorcycle world, this bike will be even more attractive and daring, along with its higher suspension for improved ground clearance. Some distinctive traits include its narrow sides and high tapered tail. Seeing the design and all the capabilities of this bike – some people consider this motorcycle most suitable for touring, commuting, and thrilling days off-road or on mountainous terrain. The clean design is enhanced by a redesign of the rear-view mirrors that are useful for the city roads as well.

2016 Ducati Hypermotards Headlamp

If we compare the Ducati Hypermotard with any similar bike in the same class – we quickly notice that this vehicle stands out. The most reasonable explanation is because this bike has plenty of practicality, great proportions, and cool ergonomics. This November, the bike will have its exclusive presentation in Milan. Rumors are that this motorcycle will have five new models, which will certainly heat up the global sales. Technical details for this new series will have official certification from the Euro 4 for emission standards. New displacement will bring a lot of fun and thrills for the rider, however as of now – there is no reliable data on the torque or horsepower numbers. With the superlative rider experience – this new version of Ducati bike will also have the Ducati Safety Pack. A glimpse into the package reveals 8-levels of Ducati Traction Control with the new Bosch ABS.

The rider’s experience will be more exciting than before because of the new Ducati Hypermotards technology developed for the instrumentation. The motorcycle will have a complete data monitoring display, including ambient temperature, data on speed, revs, mileage, and many more. Riders can conveniently choose from 3-different riding modes by using the quick indicator button. [source: blog.motorcycle.com]