Yamaha YZ250F Release Date

The details for the 2016 Yamaha YZ250F have arrived, but the official statement regarding its release date remains unknown, but the rumors state that it will be in early 2016. Besides this model, the brand will also release its anniversary edition with sophisticated colors, and a limited edition. The YZ model has received a lot of attention from individuals and experts since early in its production. One of the details people are especially excited about is that the braking system has additional reinforcement, 20 mm larger for the front disc brakes, updated shifters, and new pad material. In 2016, the Yamaha brand will be at its peak, because, as we mentioned, there will be both the basic model and the anniversary model. With yellow paint as the exterior look, this will revolutionize the way riders can handle their bike.

2016 yamaha yz250f release date 1

There are a few changes that this 2016 Yamaha YZ250F series has, such as the new launch control system that is perfect to tackle hard surface road conditions. The changes also include a new cam exhaust, along with new intake to improve the mid-range and bottom end performance. The bike also gets brand new triple clamps that function for reducing the trail, with 25mm for the fork offset with the accompaniment system to improve the front-end handling. The engine mounts has a reshaped pivoting swing arm to enrich the performance and improve the rider’s experience. With its updated weight of 105 kg– this bike will have incomparable performance.

Engineering in the 2016 Yamaha YZ259F will include the 250cc displacement that will work with four titanium valves and a DOHC four-stroke system. The cooling system will be liquid-cooled, with a Compression Ratio of 13.5:1. Technically speaking, this bike will have TCI, Transistor Controlled Ignition, and 5-speeds with the multi-plate clutch. The tires for both front and rear will be special edition of Bridgestone tires, and will work best with the new KYB mono shock for the rear suspension, the front suspension will be a KYB speed-sensitive system.

2016 Yamaha YZ250F Release Date 2