2016 Triumph Street Tracker Release Date

The date for the 2016 Triumph Street Tracker official launching will be in the middle of 2016 year, however, the exact date has not been announced. Despite that – the motorcycle has been tested several times at Triumph’s facilities. Here are some details from a close up look at this new series – according to several insiders, the Street Tracker will be released with two versions. However, the details about the second model remain unknown. The differences between the two will be primarily on the specs. The first bike will get standard specs and the second will have better suspension and a more advanced braking system mechanism. There have been rumors about this bike for over two years –our spies finally captured some information at the facilities test a few months ago.

2016 Triumph Street Tracker Release Date 1

The 2016 Triumph Street Tracker will be black with the appearances of gold and chrome on a few small parts. The engineering is quite massive when it comes to power – the new engine will also have massive displacement range, around 865cc and going up to 1100cc. With that huge energy capability – this motorcycle can reach up to 90 horsepower dynamically. Based on the mentioned technical details – we consider this bike a good value based on the retail price. It is estimated that the retail price will start approximately at £11.880. There may be minor changes in the last three figures in  several countries worldwide because of the tax differential. The gap between the two series will be around £1000.

The 2016 Triumph Street Tracker may look a bit classic in its design, but after a closer look at this bike – we understand that this bike is also modern. Modern technology with classic grooming are two powerful ingredients to present catchy and saleable goods, including motorcycles. There has not been confirmation on whether the customization will be an option or not. As far as experts are concerned, the Triumph has always offered various accessories included with its basic model, making it a valuable option.

2016 Triumph Street Tracker Release Date 2