2021 Honda Goldwing F6B Release Date

2016 Honda Goldwing F6B series is a new concept motorcycle that can take riders everywhere, and it will be released mid-year of 2016. Whether you want a cruiser or touring vehicle – this new Honda innovation is extraordinary and can meet any bike addict’s demand. A smooth engine, big body construction, luxury details, and advanced technology features deliver all the excitement a rider can handle. This bike is leaner, trimmer, and lighter. Whatever your riding preferences – shorter trips, weekend getaways, or around-town rides – this bike is perfect for all your destinations. The highlights of this bike’s DNA include a 6-cylinder engine with 1832cc displacement, exceptional cruise control, and 22 liters of storage. Starting price will begin around $20,499.

2016 Honda Gold Wing F6B Blue Metallic

Blue Metallic

In addition to the exciting options that Honda will announce for this bike, there is another new model that Honda will also introduce – the Honda Neowing Three-Wheel Hybrid series. For more than five years, Honda has been absent from the new line up of tilting three-wheelers. That is about to change next year, as this new breed arrives in Tokyo for its first debut. The most notable development is the new Honda linkage mechanism. Besides this new three-wheeler vehicle, another innovation that Honda will present to the world is the Light Weight Super Sports Concept. As we can see, Honda has been preparing its new kingdom for unveiling in 2016, it hopes to beat any other motorcycle brand for the production year.

Technical specifications for the 2016 Honda Goldwing F6B are stunning, it features computer-controlled digital with 3-D mapping for the ignition system. The valve train is amazing, because it is SOHC designed, and has a two valves per cylinder mechanism. Furthermore, the transmission system will use a five-speed setting that includes an overdrive mechanism. Specific data for the EPA shows that this vehicle gets 34 MPG overall. This vehicle has met the current California Air Resources Board and EPA standards of emissions.

2016 Honda Gold Wing F6B Matte Silver

Matte Silver

[Photos: Ultimatemotorcycling.com]