Honda CRF250R Release Date

The last time people saw the previous version of the 2016 Honda CRF250R was in 2000 – the new CRF will arrive within the early part of 2016. With the release just a few months away – the revisions have been announced.  This new bike has a revised cylinder head, con-rod, and the piston section. Based on a little sneak peak news, this bike will be more powerful and stronger at the bottom and in the high rev range. There have been several extensive redesigns for this CRF, and the result is a bike that can perform with more power and less weight. Recently, there was an official launching of this new vehicle in Italy, also highlighted at the event were two other models from Honda including the CRF450R.

2016 honda crf250r release date 1

With the new technology in the engine section for the 2016 Honda CRF250R that uses EFI– riders are promised an impressive experience with the 249cc liquid-cooled and four-valve system. As for the Compression Ratio, this bike will incorporate the new scale of 12.5:1 with titanium intakes, Nikasil Cylinder twin, twin pump lubrication system, and the new carburized connecting rod. All the leaked information about the new features intensify the performance and handling, making the bike incomparable. In the past, we often heard that riders experience strain and exhaustion, typically on both hands, but that will no longer be an issue with this improved reincarnation. The new cable-actuated clutch is made from light materials that reduce stress and exhaustion for the rider.

Furthermore, the body frame for this 2016 Honda CRF250R is similar to the past frame, but its aluminum material gives it extra flexibility. The brand claimed that the weight of this new series will be around 254 lbs. Rumors suggest that the fuel tank will be 1.9 gallons, which some riders may find too limited. Speeds will reach 28 horsepower and incorporate the five-speed transmission system.

2016 honda crf250r release date 2