2016 Honda Africa Twin Price in USA and Canada

Along with the great news that the 2016 Honda Africa Twin will be available in early 2016– we hear that the price will be the same in USA and Canada, $12,100. To celebrate its upcoming birthday, this vehicle shows off its new clean body design, which brings it up to the front of the global scene of motocross competition. The idea for this new design originates from the mix between the two worlds of the off-road flexibility and touring comfort with daily agility. There is no news about the VFR1200X version, which is why this new ride will tackle 2016 all on its own. Only a few brands could build a concept similar to Honda, because producing a ride that can span two different worlds is difficult. Another reason why we need to consider Honda as a role model and pioneer is that Honda has created a new version, the Honda Africa.

2016 honda africa twin price in USA and Canada 1

The basic color combination for this 2016 Honda Africa Twin is red, white, and black for the whole body. However, chrome and gold are used to ornament and detail the bike. Based on the official announcement, Honda will offer its fans four different colors to choose from for this new unbelievable ride. The four colors are Silver, Black, White Tri Color, and the CRF Rally. The bike’s engineering shows that displacement will be around 998 two cylinders with four valves and 270-degree crankshaft. With that engine, the output power of this ride is around 94 horsepower at 7,500 RPM and the torque section at 98 Nm at 6,000 RPM.

For the 2016 Honda Africa Twin, the ground clearance is around 250mm, and the exhaust pipe is designed to prevent any accidents. The engineers for this new project will install the 21-inch tires for the front wheel, and 18 inches for the back wheel. New technology uses the Dual Clutch Transmission.

2016 honda africa twin price in USA and Canada 2