2021 BMW R1200GS Adventure Colors

Do we care about colors when the bike is this sophisticated? The 2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure will have Sapphire Black Metallic for its primary color, and another option is Monolith Metallic Matte. Both of the colors present a distinctive look because at the end of the day – it is all about the rider’s taste. There are two editions of the new Adventure series –this is the standard model, and then the second will be the special edition. The standard model has arrived, and orders have already been placed starting in August 2015. Perhaps, there is a customization order that BMW will announce. However, we will just wait until further official updates from BMW itself. Rumors also stated that the red and black color combination would be available, we have seen some photos that show the bike in red.

2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure Colors 1

Furthermore, from the exterior construction of the 2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure – we can see that its appearance is different from the conventional bike. Indeed, a lot of people have been speechless when they see this bike for the first time. Inspired by Batman– the front part will come with a body facing forward end that brings the superhero bike to life. Unlike the typical sports bikes with a tight space for the passenger to sit, this bike will have enough space to be comfortable even for a long trip. The appearance also makes a muscular statement with the fuel tank that gives this legendary bike its strikingly strong appearance.

Furthermore, people who prefer the special edition of the 2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure will have wider possibilities for the colors lineup. From the main title, this bike will appeal to a different market with its complete package. The light white non-metallic, and the ocean blue metallic matte will be the main exterior paint options for this future Adventure edition. Currently, there is no detailed explanation for the technical engine specifications. Nonetheless, the best way to hear all the news first is to visit the nearest dealer in your area. (via Autoevolution)

2016 BMW R1200GS Adventure Colors 2