2016 BMW F800GS Adventure Colors

Regardless of your style and motorcycle riding preferences– the new 2016 BMW F800GS adventure will fulfill them by any means necessary. Color options at this time are still metallic black only. This new breed from BMW is a bike that can take anyone who wishes to conquer the world off the beaten track. In other words, this motorcycle is a reliable and powerful choice for riders who love to travel the open road. The power of the 85 horsepower parallel twin engine lets the rider tackle any condition on and off-road. This bike has a 61 lb-ft torque capability to take on the toughest off-road challenges with extreme confidence. The extra-large fuel tank capacity is 6.3 gallons and fuel economy is at 55 MPG. As a result, this vehicle can continue to go the distance longer, when a similar bike will have already emptied its tank.

2016 BMW F800GS Adventure Black Edition

Red Black Color

An additional model that BMW is currently building is the 2016 BMW R1200GS. Some people prefer to call it triple black – but by any name it’s an impressive bike for sure. The cool features that this warrior has include its fuel tank cover, front mudguard, fuel tank side, and many more. Aesthetically speaking, this vehicle has a strong masculine appeal with its strong body frame. There are technical accents on the rear and front frame in the Agate Gray color. There are rumors that this motorcycle will also have a special edition that has cross-spoke wheels with glossy black rims. The complete details and specs will be released early next year.

Mountain passes or sand dunes are just small feats for the 2016 BMW F800GS adventure series. The core power, and why this bike can face any challenge comes from its torsion-resistant tubular steel frame that has spring suspension around 9.1 inches on the front and 8.5 inches on the rear. Supportive features that help riders include the “Enduro Mode” that works to optimize ASC Traction control along with ABS on loose gravel and slick surfaces.

2016 BMW F800GS Adventure White Black Color

White Black Color

[Photos: AutoEvolution]